Mark Rein blown away by new 50 Cent game

Mark Rein blown away by new 50 Cent game

Mark Rein of Epic certainly thinks that Blood on the Sand is looking good.

In a rather unusual comment to journalists, the Game Director for 50 Cent's new game Blood on the Sand has said that Mark Rein of Epic was blown away by the graphics in his new game. There could be a pun there, but we doubt it.

In a comment to CVG, Julian Widdows spoke about when the Epic bossman came to visit the project which is using the Unreal Engine 3 to power it.

"When we heard he was coming we were like 'oh no, we're gonna get killed!' But he was over the moon, we're chuffed about it," said Widdows.

"We're obviously an Unreal Engine 3 licensee and he just came in for a visit and said 'oh my god, I can't believe you're working on this, it looks phenomenal'. That was it; it wasn't anything particularly formal, he came in to say hello to his licensees and was blown away by it. That was great for us."

The comments suddenly throw in to light comments Mark Rein made to bit-tech too - when we last interviewed Mark Rein he told us that he had been very impressed by a new, but then unannounced game being developed by Swordfish Studios. That game turned out to be 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

Speaking to bit-tech at the launch of Unreal Tournament 3, Mark Rein said that "The great thing though is that engine is really popular. Just earlier today I was looking at some work done by a company based here in Birmingham which is really fantastic – the guys at Swordfish Studios are doing some really interesting things with it.

You can read the rest of our Mark Rein interview here, or you can let us know what you think about the upcoming Blood on the Sand in the forums.


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Jordan Wise 2nd April 2008, 15:10 Quote
i can't see anyone being blown away by the visuals of a game centered around a guy who never moves his face, or indeed anything except his right arm
Flibblebot 2nd April 2008, 15:36 Quote
I've stopped listening to anything Mark Rein says. He's become the new Jack Thompson for me.
TreeDude 2nd April 2008, 15:40 Quote
Visuals don't make the game. I have no doubt it will sell well regardless of it plays well or not, though. I really hate the hip hop industry.
Veles 2nd April 2008, 15:43 Quote
Yeah I was about to say, he's only blown away by the graphics then?
Lepermessiah 2nd April 2008, 16:01 Quote
Mark rein? Sorry, that guy has no credibility in my book. The graphics do not look as good in that game as many games already out, and they don't touch crysis. Mark rein and Epic are morons.
p3n 2nd April 2008, 16:32 Quote
But can a 9800gtx actually run it? :P
sotu1 2nd April 2008, 17:05 Quote
Originally Posted by Lepermessiah
Mark rein and Epic are morons.

you forgot to add jack thompson
badders 2nd April 2008, 17:07 Quote
So he didn't Rein on their parade then?

MrMonroe 2nd April 2008, 17:26 Quote
Originally Posted by badders
So he didn't Rein on their parade then?

That was reprehensible. Not quite as reprehensible, however, as doing the same BS thug mentality in game form. "Fity" is not a good role model.
pendragon 2nd April 2008, 18:07 Quote
*yawn* oh sorry, was something going on here?
Lepermessiah 2nd April 2008, 18:09 Quote
I am blown away by how big of sellouts and moronic a game company Epic has become.
proxess 2nd April 2008, 19:45 Quote
Epic is becoming sad... And April Fool's was yesterday!
TheRedJew 2nd April 2008, 21:26 Quote
50 cent is a joke who plays this game?
Veles 2nd April 2008, 22:22 Quote
The "cool" kids who enjoy his monotonous drone
knuck 2nd April 2008, 23:51 Quote
who the hell is mark rein ?

(sarcasm at its best)
LordPyrinc 3rd April 2008, 01:00 Quote
What? This is a game about the rapper Fitty Sent? That's even more comical than TV shows starring WWE wrestlers (formerly WCW/WWF).

Anybody remember "Thunder in Paradise" featuring the Hulkster?
Xir 3rd April 2008, 07:36 Quote
Hey...Hulk Hogan was at least funny...opposed to 50ct.
Amon 3rd April 2008, 07:52 Quote
It could have just meant that his expectations were low. Quite low...
[USRF]Obiwan 3rd April 2008, 17:11 Quote
We the creators of stunning wonderful U3 engine, are blown away by the stunning wonderful U3 engine...

nuff said.
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