Codemasters eyes up console MMOs

Codemasters eyes up console MMOs

Could console MMOs be the future? Codemasters seems to think so!

Codemasters Online Gaming has confirmed that it is in talks to publish two new massively multiplayer online games for consoles, according to recent reports..

Codemasters has released a total of four MMO games already and has plans for a fifth this year in the form of NetDevil's Jumpgate: Evolution. With successes like that behind it, Codemasters is now hoping to expand into the console MMO market soon.

If the UK publisher does decide to push ahead with the project then it'll be going up against the likes of Sony Online Entertainment's The Agency, Funcom's Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and various unnamed projects from NCsoft.

"The time is right for some good console MMO games. There's two titles that we're really interested in for taking to console right now and that's something I'd like to see happen in the next year or so, but it's got to be the right game," said David Solari, vice president and general manager of Codemasters Online Gaming.

"It's a little more challenging because of the restrictions of a console – certain games aren't going to work. Final Fantasy was very successful on 360 so I just think you need the right game, and I think there's a really good opportunity there because there's not enough companies there right now," he added.

Do you think console MMO games could be the future, or have you had your fill of level-grinds and gold-farms? Let us know in the forums.


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TreeDude 25th March 2008, 15:34 Quote
I think current gen consoles are ready. But they need to release PC versions as well and be able to have everyone on the same server no matter the platform.
pendragon 25th March 2008, 17:43 Quote
good luck competing with World of Warcraft ... personally, I think I've had my fill of mmo's ..back to single-player games for me
TreeDude 25th March 2008, 18:34 Quote
Wow is ok. I have been playing it for a few months. I have maybe 100hrs in it. Fun game, but not what I was expection. I have almost 900hrs in Guild Wars and I much prefer the quests and PvP in GW to WoW any day. The quests are very dull in WoW. It is just a grind to lvl70. Most of the quests simply are not fun. PvP is way unbalanced. But it is still fun somehow. But not play 12hrs a day every day fun. I play maybe a couple a night if that.
MrMonroe 25th March 2008, 19:04 Quote
If there's a single one that comes out on consoles with combat that is action-based instead of just die-rolling, I'll buy a 360 in a moment. You can play fighters online, you can play twitch FPS games online... why can't an MMO have a little more reflex work going instead of the standard click-and-roll mechanic? Introduce an element of skill beyond jumping, effective macroing and key-mapping.
Jojii 25th March 2008, 20:11 Quote
Planetside on the 360!
chrisuk 26th March 2008, 09:21 Quote
OMG Jumpgate!
Bladestorm 26th March 2008, 09:42 Quote
Mmm jumpgate :)
yakyb 26th March 2008, 12:04 Quote
Tekken Online??
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