Sega: is a phishing scam

Sega: is a phishing scam

Sega has confirmed that is no longer owned by them and appears to be part of a scam.

Not long ago the rumours started going round that Sega was planning something special for Dreamcast owners. Kotaku got tipped off to the fact that, as the ten year anniversary of the console approached, Sega was asking for Dreamcast owners to come forward via the official site of the console.

Naturally, a whole load of people rushed to register their Dreamcasts with the site, offering up names, serial numbers and passwords and getting a (serialnumber) GMail account in return. Console fanboys were on the edge of their seats as they awaited more information.

Unfortunately, it isn't what you might have been hoping for and Joystiq has uncovered that the site is no longer owned by Sega.

Japanese gaming site Mainichi was the first to confirm that Sega is not operating the site any longer. Sega hasn't yet released a English statement, but a translation of the Japanese release indicates that the images used on the site are also being used fraudulently.

Sega is apparently considering what action to take against the site, which appears to be part of a large scale phishing scam.

Did you, like Kotaku, get pulled in to the trap? We'll feed you more info as we get it, but until then let us know what you think in the forums.


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TreeDude 11th March 2008, 12:30 Quote
Saw this on digg last night. Very sad. I loved my Dreamcast.
proxess 11th March 2008, 13:45 Quote
Dreamcast was too ahead for its time... a shame really.
DXR_13KE 11th March 2008, 14:13 Quote
Originally Posted by proxess
Dreamcast was too ahead for its time... a shame really.

i agree with you neighbour.....
1ad7 11th March 2008, 14:49 Quote
there gonna steal all the dreamcast from there homes and sell them for millions a piece! they have been playing too many rpgs.... or they are gonna sell the addresses... idk which is more likely
BlackMage23 11th March 2008, 15:57 Quote
Dreamcast was great, and still looks better then the PS2.
Mine still sits in the front room, and does get used sometimes.
docodine 11th March 2008, 23:52 Quote
Baww, I was hoping for something good to happen. Phishing scam? What can they do with my S/N?
spazmochad 12th March 2008, 00:30 Quote
I enjoyed samba de amigo more than guitar hero :(
BurningFeetMan 12th March 2008, 04:37 Quote
:) I just sold my DC and put the money towards a Wii. ^_^
DLoney 12th March 2008, 17:59 Quote
how can sega, or any company for that matter, let a $10 a year domain expire...
just sayin'
leexgx 12th March 2008, 18:27 Quote redirects to ( comes up page can not be found page)

was doing an jap page before
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