Sony working on Getaway movie?

Sony working on Getaway movie?

Sony is confirmed to still be working on The Getaway PS3, as well as a movie.

Sony has confirmed that it is still working on a PlayStation 3 version of The Getaway and that it is in talks to produce a movie version of the latest instalment in the series.

Katie Ellwood, screenwriter for the previous two games in the series, confirmed the sequel and movie to DenOfGeek. Katie said she is now working on Getaway PS3.

The latest instalment in the Getaway series doesn't have a set release date just yet.

"Sony did work on and develop a screenplay for the first Getaway," Katie said. "However, by the time it was ready, we were releasing the sequel and the story had changed.We are certainly talking to production houses about a movie for the third game in the Getaway series," she continued.

"The story and game script for this one is very exciting, as is the writer we have on board. I'm afraid I can't give any further information, other than to say: watch this space."

Will do, Katie - maybe we'll get to actually see something from the game at some point though?

Are you at all excited about The Getaway PS3? Let us know in the forums.


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Arkanrais 10th March 2008, 13:42 Quote
I', not really exited about this. it's been many years since I've played the getaway and all I remember about it was that when characters said "f***", it seemed forced (bad voice acting), that the police in game would fly in from off screen (if they could see you) ram your car and try kill you for accidentally bumping the car in front of you, and finding out half way through the m******f*****g game that you didn't have to keep dieing on missions from too many gun shots because catching your breath on a wall could cure 5 point blank headshots (FFS).
then again, that was the original and it has been about4 or 5 years since I played it atleast.
will. 10th March 2008, 14:16 Quote
The getaway was terrible.

This movie will be a lock stock wannabe with too many Americans in it.

The game will be generic and boring and far too short. I'm thinking Kane and Lynch esque.
LeMaltor 10th March 2008, 15:01 Quote
What are you fools talking about, there great games, great setting too in London :)
will. 10th March 2008, 16:29 Quote
No they weren't the last one I played was terrible. I never played the first.
mikeuk2004 10th March 2008, 20:19 Quote
Originally Posted by will.
No they weren't the last one I played was terrible. I never played the first.

That you talking about will!!

The Getaway games were great and I cant wait to get the 3rd on PS3 and it is looking good :) I have it on preorder at the mo but i doubt its out in September.
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