PSP Go!Messenger released tomorrow

PSP Go!Messenger released tomorrow

The free Go!Messenger service will be launched in the UK tomorrow for PSP users.

Sony and BT will be releasing their new PSP wireless communication package, Go!Messenger, tomorrow.

Go!Messenger enables PSP users to send voice, video and instant text messages to other Go!Messenger users, provided they are on a wireless internet connection. The system has been designed with BT in mind and will work with the 2500 BT Openzone hotspots across the UK.

To use Go!Messenger you'll need a few things first through. You'll need to have access to a wireless connection first, obviously. You'll also need the PSP Go!Cam, an attachable video camera and microphone set for the Sony PSP.

Apart from any connection costs for the broadband connection itself and the cost of the hardware, the service is completely free.

"Enabling more than 8.5 Million PSP users across the SCEE region to communicate with each other, through Video or Voice chat, truly confirms the always evolving nature and potential of PSP," said PSP European marketing manager Stephane Hareau in a statement.

So, do you reckon you'll be using the Go!Messenger service, or will you forget about it as quickly as DS users forgot about Pictochat? Let us know in the forums.


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mikeuk2004 28th February 2008, 12:50 Quote
The only use id think for that, is if you out and about and in a wifi hot spot and use it to call your friends instead of a mobie :)
kenco_uk 28th February 2008, 12:52 Quote
Cool, I literally have just updated my phat to 3.90 M33-2 and noticed it had added Go!Messenger to the menu.

The only thing is, it's easier to send a picture message or have a video chat in a 3g area on a mobile phone.
Hugo 28th February 2008, 21:07 Quote
Pictochat still rocks Joe. Didn't you get the memo?
CardJoe 28th February 2008, 21:37 Quote
No - I must have forgotten to put my TPS report through...
sinkhead 28th February 2008, 23:06 Quote
Beup (DS MSN homebrew) is amazing. Why use some PSP network when you can chat to your normal contacts on MSN?
CardJoe 29th February 2008, 07:42 Quote
Or use the phone?
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