Activision offering refunds on Guitar Hero Wii

Activision offering refunds on Guitar Hero Wii

If you aren't interested in a replacement disc for Guitar Hero 3 then you can now apply for a full refund.

Activision is now offering full refunds to customers who bought the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock and were disappointed by the mono-only sound.

Despite the fact that the game claimed to have full Dolby Surround Sound capabilities, the Wii version of Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock was revealed to only have mono output.

Activision pledged to fix the problem and has worked hard with Nintendo to make replacement discs available to buyers.

If you're too bitter to ever possibly be happy with the fixed game though then Activision is currently offering a full refund to customers.

Activision is still making replacement discs however, so you've got a choice of which you'd prefer. The publisher has also apologized for the error and for the inconvenience.

Better late than never, or should this problem have been uncovered in the testing process? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the forums.

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Sebbo 25th February 2008, 12:54 Quote
are the replacements only for US customers still, or have they opened them up to Europe and Australia now? i think i heard march mentioned somewhere...
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