N+ coming to Xbox Live Arcade

N+ coming to Xbox Live Arcade

N+ is easily one of the most simplistic but addictive platformers we've ever played.

N+, a popular indie platformer which first found fame online, is being ported to the Xbox Live Arcade it seems. The game is being released today at a cost of just 800 Microsoft Points (equivalent to about £6.80 or $9.60).

N+ is one of the most stylish platformers available and stars a tiny stylised stick-man ninja who must run around levels collecting gold on his way to the level exit.

While the premise itself is simple and well-copied in numerous other games, the game actually thrives on it's smooth gameplay and speedy, flowing control system. The player's character can perform all manner of moves and must keep moving at all times in order to stand a chance against his enemies - keeping in control is the main challenge though, as the player can easily slip and slide into his opponents.

The XBLA version of the game has 300 levels packaged in it and also adds a level editor to the mix so you can challenge your buddies.

The game also features local and Live co-op modes, including Survival and Race game types.

Of course, if you want to play the original as it was meant to be played on the PC or Mac, then you can still download it from the official site.

What's your favourite platform game ever? Does N+ catch your fancy, or are you a Mario fanboy all the way? Let us know in the forums.


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iwog 20th February 2008, 08:27 Quote
Fancy pants is always and will always be the best flash game platformer especially with the release of world two no long ago.
DarkLord7854 20th February 2008, 10:06 Quote
Wish they had a Windows version :(
CardJoe 20th February 2008, 10:34 Quote
They do. Read the news article, there's a link to the official site which you can play in Windows or on a Mac.
mikeuk2004 20th February 2008, 17:57 Quote
Found it boring and nothing special, just a cheap plain platformer. Found the gravity annying.
DarkLord7854 20th February 2008, 20:32 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
They do. Read the news article, there's a link to the official site which you can play in Windows or on a Mac.

Meant N+, not N :p

N's been around for a long time
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