Saw: The Game set for 2009 release

Saw: The Game set for 2009 release

Saw: The Game is set for a Halloween 2009 release. Cheer up though missus, it ain't all bad...

Brash Entertainment has announced that it will be releasing a tie-in game based on the Saw movies. The release date for the game is currently pinned down to Halloween 2009.

The game was announced at a US press conference, where games journalists from IGN were told that they were wasting their lives by the Jigsaw puppet featured in the film. What a way to win over the critics, eh?

The game is a collaboration of Brash Entertainment and the writers of the Saw series and will apparently give players the chance to overlap with the plot and actions depicted in the movies at several points.

Saw: The Game is being built on the Unreal Engine 3 and will probably see a release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though nothing has been nailed down just yet.

The film, which is based around the idea of a torturer who targets people who he thinks are wasting their lives and who are then put in situations where they must make huge sacrifices in order to survive so that they find value in life once more, started out as a cult hit and has since seen numerous sequels.

Are game adaptations of films any good, or are they universally a bad idea? We can think of a few good ones, but they tend to be exceptions to the rule if you ask us. What do you think? Let us know in the forums.


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steveo_mcg 31st January 2008, 12:26 Quote
If this doesn't get banned i'll be surprised unless of course its nothing like the film and instead features bunnies and torcher by tickling.
Zut 31st January 2008, 12:53 Quote
I hear it'll have a feature a bit like bullet-time, that will allow you to see what's coming a mile off!
iwog 31st January 2008, 13:08 Quote
I hear a ban hammer falling...
MiT 31st January 2008, 13:11 Quote
I don't see it has a huge hit. Can't see the fun in it.
evanbraakensiek 31st January 2008, 13:46 Quote
And the games industry wonders why no one takes them seriously. Literally the dumbest idea I've heard of in some time.
badders 31st January 2008, 13:52 Quote
lewchenko 31st January 2008, 13:54 Quote
Wonder if you get to play the victims or the person orchstrating the whole thing.

Sounds pretty sick to me personally. Cant understand why anyone would want to play either of those roles. Bring on the ban !
CardJoe 31st January 2008, 14:16 Quote
It will probably be very much like Manhunt.
DXR_13KE 31st January 2008, 14:58 Quote
therefore it will be banned almost everywhere....
G0RD0N FAN 31st January 2008, 15:24 Quote
Yea it will never make it. Would have to be to graphic.
naokaji 31st January 2008, 15:41 Quote
Jack Thompson will have a field day if that game ever gets released...

games are allready facing hard enough times, why do some companies think they need to do everything to provocate a complete ban of games?
devdevil85 31st January 2008, 17:00 Quote
Wanna play [this] game? Probably not.....unless I play as the victim trying to escape...then I'd play the game....
Radon 31st January 2008, 20:24 Quote
I guess you can't spell slaughter without laughter ;)
HourBeforeDawn 31st January 2008, 22:10 Quote
why would they want to make a game based off of such a horrible and poorly written series of movies. :(
The_Beast 31st January 2008, 22:49 Quote
If the game was about being the victim it wouldn't be so bad but if you were jigsaw it'd be just dumb
DXR_13KE 1st February 2008, 00:38 Quote
Originally Posted by The_Beast
If the game was about being the victim it wouldn't be so bad but if you were jigsaw it'd be just dumb

and quite improbable.... unless you are EA of course......
sub routine 1st February 2008, 11:10 Quote
hehehe it'll e quite interesting how the content is handled between film and game by both the developer and the classification board.

Ban it or don't ban it imho i don't care. I never watched the film either as it sounds crap, the game will be crap i expect and do nothing for games in general.

It's a comment on society and human psyche why is it soooo interesting? We also gotta think about how we objectify it al....II do love running about in MOD4 shooting everything that moves :D
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