PSP Skype functionality released today in Europe

PSP Skype functionality released today in Europe

Skype is now available on the PSP Slim & Lite via the latest 3.90 firmware update.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released the latest software update for the PlayStation Portable, which enables all owners of the new PSP Slim & Lite to make and receive phone calls using Skype, the popular voice over IP service.

The company first announced this partnership at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but then Sony revealed that its microphones didn’t meet the requirements to obtain certification from Skype. Sony later clarified that the delay only affected Japan – roll out across other regions would go ahead as normal.

We’ve updated one of the PSP Slim & Lites we’ve got in the office and we’re glad to say that the Skype icon is present under the Network category on the PSP’s home menu. You’ll obviously need a PSP headset and remote control to be able to make and receive calls though.

In addition to this, Sony has also added a Go!Messenger icon, which the company says highlights its commitment towards communications on the PSP. Go!Messenger will bring video and voice chat, as well as numerous other features but they won’t be turned on until the end of February.

Unlike Skype, Go!Messenger will be available to all PSP owners once the functionality is unlocked. For now, the icon takes users to a dedicated website that is designed to provide more information about the service while we wait for it.

Have you tried using the Skype functionality on your PSP yet? Share your thoughts on the new features in the forums.


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BioSniper 30th January 2008, 11:53 Quote
Its a shame that it doesn't work on the "Phat" PSP due to Skype for some reason using the extra ram that was put in place for the UMD buffer.
lockdown 30th January 2008, 12:27 Quote
Yes I heard about this the bad thing is you can only use skype in the thin version of the PSP. I hope they would also make it compatible with the fat PSP because more people own this rather than the thin version.
DXR_13KE 30th January 2008, 12:58 Quote
i wonder when the DS will have something similar.....
mikeuk2004 30th January 2008, 15:11 Quote
Originally Posted by DXR_13KE
i wonder when the DS will have something similar.....

Yeah, maybe and they will charge £20 for it like the web broweser on DS
HourBeforeDawn 31st January 2008, 03:00 Quote
ah nuts well another reason I should trade in my two PSPs and get one slim...
DXR_13KE 31st January 2008, 11:24 Quote
Originally Posted by mikeuk2004
Yeah, maybe and they will charge £20 for it like the web broweser on DS

or someone in the homebrew scene will do something similiar....
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