Lineage II clan fight claims life

Lineage II clan fight claims life

A meet-up of Lineage II clans lead to a death last week in Russia.

I'm sure we've all faced abuse in multiplayer games at some point - it can be as casual and fun as ad-hoc rivalry in a match of Counter Strike or as painfully drawn out as an on-going clan war in World of Warcraft.

What I'm sure most of us wouldn't do though is actually go out and kill the person that was winding us up. Most of us are sane enough not to do that, right?

In Russia though, rational thought was apparently suspended for some Lineage II gamers last week. According to Russia Today, a clan grudge got massively out of hand after a face-off between members of the Coo-Clocks and Platanium clans.

Apparently, the leader of Clan Platanium, known only as Albert, managed to kill a member of the Coo-Clocks (in-game) and the Coo-Clocks killed him (for real) when the clans met face-to-face a week or two later. It seems the real-life murder was a direct retaliation for the in-game killing.

33-year-old Albert was beaten so badly that he died of his injuries on the way to hospital, but is survived by his sister, Alpina. Unfortunately, she has apparently had numerous death threats sent to her from members of the Coo-Clocks.

I think they have confused the game and reality. And after we buried him on December 31, they continued to threaten us,” Alpina told Russian papers.

Have you ever seen in-game abuse get out of hand, or do you keep yourself to yourself when you play multiplayer games? Let us know in the forums.


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Angleus 21st January 2008, 11:13 Quote
That is just crazy
Glider 21st January 2008, 11:15 Quote
<government mode>

Playing games leads to violence! Ban all games! Sure we have a rating system, but it's crap, just ban all games!

</government mode>
Naberius 21st January 2008, 11:21 Quote
How ridiculous, but then when you see the current state of affairs in russia anyway, it doesn't seem so suprising.

But at 33, you would have thought he would have grown up enough to not take it so seriously.
CardJoe 21st January 2008, 11:32 Quote
Shame really, it reflects even worse on a very beautiful country. I'm actually introducing my girlfriend to Russian cuisine this weekend - Solyenka and Borscht cheesecake
HitmanAdski 21st January 2008, 11:49 Quote
I think that this is absolutely absurd it's one thing to kill someone it's another to keep threatening people who have quite frankly had enough grief over the death of family, just how sick can you be? don't these people get it?

How can a feud get so out of control for this to happen?
Jebus.exe 21st January 2008, 12:00 Quote
I've felt mad a few times after playing cs against blatent cheaters, and the odd clan match rivalry. but this is not something i'd atall condone... pure insanity.
Latvietis 21st January 2008, 12:04 Quote
Only in Russia. :)
DXR_13KE 21st January 2008, 12:08 Quote
In soviet Russia...... game plays you!!!
mikeuk2004 21st January 2008, 12:16 Quote
Originally Posted by Latvietis
Only in Russia. :)

?? why does this happen alot??
Redbeaver 21st January 2008, 13:59 Quote
i dont get which one is sillier... this or people dying while queueing for PS3..... (or Halo3? or wutever thing that came out not too long ago and people died becoz of it. i forgot. but i remember the death.)
Nictron 21st January 2008, 14:01 Quote
I hope emphasis from this does not fall onto gaming again, it can happen in any situation where you have an individual who has no rational thought, a few examples:

A class feud!

Hey that is my urinal you are using!

Rugby match with a hard tackle on a guy!

Bully stealing someones sandwich!

Is killing the individual in any of the above situations justified?

CardJoe 21st January 2008, 14:14 Quote
Originally Posted by mikeuk2004
?? why does this happen alot??

Once before, with the same game, last year.
Faulk_Wulf 21st January 2008, 15:39 Quote
Lineage II is a fun game, I have had a chance to play it before.
The fact that it is Russia or that it is a video game misses the point.
And it will all be lost in translation.

Just look at our own comments. "lol Russia".
Seriously. Would anyone have replied differenlty
if it had been the UK / US?

Would it have been "lol Brits" or "lol Yanks"?
(Well maybe "lol crazy Americans" *sigh*)

But my point is, the country that this happened in shouldn't matter.
The fact is there was a person (or group of individuals)
that were so far removed from reality that they killed a person (irl)
as retaliation for a kill (online).

Real life you don't lose a % of your XP and respawn in town,
and for however "duh" that is to us, it obviously wasn't to these people.

If they did this over an online game, they probably could have been
provoked by a movie, a board game, or any other immersive experience.

But that will all be lost-- It'll just be "See? This is what gaming does."

Well they can take that line and shove it because it just pisses me off.

Maybe we as a society need to catch up to the facts of life.
Technology is here, its staying barring an EMP bomb,
games are getting more and more immersive.

The solution isn't to ban all games but to help society integrate.
If we need to make facilities to help treat people that adjust a bit TOO well
to the online world and can't distinguish it from real life and its real consequences
(think "Closed Shell Syndrome from Ghost In The Shell: SAC (Season 1)" )
then --- ------ that's what needs to be done.

What these players did (irl) to that guy is sickening, disturbing,
immoral, unjustifiable, inexcusable, and just plain heinous.
I hope they rot in hell for their crime, I really do.

However we should use this (and apparently the PREVIOUS?! incident)
as a strong indication that society needs to adapt to the virtual world.
In fact the best comparison I have is: Society = RIAA and Online = Current Music Listeners.
I feel we as a society really are that far off base with how we analyze situations like this.

And I don't pretend to have much for a solution but I think we should find one. And soon.


*clears throat*

rhuitron 21st January 2008, 17:57 Quote
It is official..

WOW, Is in my book, is Officially Gay.

You know how I know your gay?

Because you think you have a gang, with you WOW buddys.
Fod 21st January 2008, 18:07 Quote
uh... this is Lineage. now WoW.
p3n 21st January 2008, 18:56 Quote
engrish rant, classic
knyghtryda 21st January 2008, 21:11 Quote
sad story, but the only one to blame is the idiot that did the killing. The game could have been a football match or a bet at a bar or any other thing where there's a winner and a loser. Idiots will always find ways to do idiotic things and no amount of government intervention is gonna prevent that from happening. Now... getting back this this year's darwin awards...
Bungle 21st January 2008, 21:20 Quote
Ah so this is why people are living longer. You have to kill the virtual life before the real one.
Rebourne 21st January 2008, 22:33 Quote
I wonder if their clan modo is "Blood in, Blood out bitches!"...
Solidus 21st January 2008, 23:13 Quote
This is quite sad and totally stupid.
Bungle 21st January 2008, 23:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Solidus
This is quite sad and totally stupid.
People have killed for alot less. Life is cheap to some.
leexgx 21st January 2008, 23:37 Quote
when i used to play eve-online one of are uper corp members taken every thing out of hanger and cleaned the bank out

problem was with that was that the Corp leader knew where he lived... that ends there as he did not talk much after that so somthing most likey happened (hopefully something intresting as long as death was not involved)
Duste 22nd January 2008, 03:40 Quote
I could have sworn I saw a similar story on Digg months back relating to something the exact same.

Lineage II, Russia, one man killed when two gamers met in real life.
metarinka 22nd January 2008, 08:32 Quote
what's the death consequences in lineage? I mean in a game like WoW someone killing you at most is an inconvenience, perhaps they could make your party or whatever wipe and cost you a few gold, but that's like a 5-10 min setback. In a game like eve, If they destroy your ship and pod you that actually could be quite a bit of time and in game money lost.

not knowing much about lineage, was this some sort of perm death or what?
I remember hearing something similar in china a few years ago? where a player sold a sword his friend had got in game (was it lineage?) and he went to his house and killed him. over it. some people just lose focus of what's important in life and really go off the hinges, it's happened over everything from drugs to money to love, to respect. a game and it's percieved value is no different, but still just as sad
HourBeforeDawn 22nd January 2008, 09:14 Quote
wow how sad oh well I still think L2 is way better then WoW anyways.
Xtrafresh 22nd January 2008, 09:31 Quote
This reminds me of the whole ingame-'Funeral'-raid controversy a while ago in WOW.

There's a bunch of people that lose tough with reality now and then. If anything, this only proves that games have a function in society, which is for people to have an outlet of violence and anger that allows the killed person to stand up and walk away afterwards. It is the person that failed in this incident, not the game.
SlappKnutts 23rd January 2008, 08:35 Quote
Sadly enough it is gamers that are going to have to stand up in disgust of actions like this! Doing nothing I'm afraid allows all the idiot groups out there to lump us into one large group. Blaming the games themselves for these crimes, and not the criminals that were obvliously playing with half a deck before they were introduced to online gaming!
All of us gamers have been beat or cheated at one time or another, the difference luckily is we take a deap breath and play on, or throw our keyboard across the room... but not go out and kill the other person! That is beyond sad!
Amon 23rd January 2008, 17:46 Quote
Where are all the AK-47s and molotov cocktails?
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