Sensible Soccer leaves XBLA

Sensible Soccer leaves XBLA

Sensible World of Soccer made a grand entrance on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but it proved to be short-lived.

Earlier this week Xbox Live Arcade saw the return of one of the greatest games ever made - Sensible Soccer. The game was re-made and updated for the Xbox 360 by Codemasters, who retitled the classic as Sensible World of Soccer, and Microsoft has been heavily hyping the release as a download on Live Arcade.

However, the return of Sensible Soccer proved to be very short-lived and the game has already been pulled off the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Microsoft was forced to remove Sensible World of Soccer temporarily when gamers started complaining about bugs and crashes cropping up when the game connected to Live.

Microsoft has since bounced Sensible back to Codemasters so that the bugs can be ironed out before the game returns. Codemasters hasn't released much information about the bugs or how they slipped through the cracks, but it looks like the QA wasn't up to scratch by the sound of it. That tends to be a problem for many developers nowadays, as discussed in our recent developer column by Simon Hill of Outerlight Software.

Were you one of the unlucky gamers who picked up a broken copy of the game, or did Sensible Soccer manage to pass you by completely? Let us know in the forums.


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cjoyce1980 21st December 2007, 09:57 Quote
your two days later with this one.......has last minute christmas shopping been getting in the way?!
mikeuk2004 21st December 2007, 12:24 Quote
How did people get it because I have been checking the market place every day for over a week and never once seen it on there :( Lets hope its back on soon because I want this so bad, its one of 3-5 games on the amiga I really missed when it died.
cjoyce1980 21st December 2007, 15:16 Quote
its was released early wednesday morning after 10am, but was pulled about 4 hours later after complains. i've read in other forum that is hopefully should be back on for this weekend.
Dragon 21st December 2007, 19:13 Quote
It wasn't retitled SWOS for the 360, that was the name of the best version on Amiga.

Until they release a decent joystick though, I wont even bother downloading the demo. I played Speedball 2 with the 360 pad the other week and it was terrible, I don't want my great memories of SWOS to be sullied.
kempez 22nd December 2007, 01:45 Quote
I used to play SWOS with a gamepad on my PC. My mate also had a couple of gamepads for the amiga, we used to have 16 man night long tournaments with all the mates round :D
cjoyce1980 22nd December 2007, 08:53 Quote
its back up, and it plays so nicely with the 360 pad
kempez 13th January 2008, 23:02 Quote
This seems the only thread on SWOS so I thought I'd post here :D

Been LOVING the return to playing SWOS. Best Football game ever imo (even PES isn't as good, and I love PES). Online is terribly laggy for some games and OK in others but single player/playing with mates is still as amazing as it ever was. I just wish they'd have updated the players/teams to 2007/8. Maybe an Xbox Live content release?

What does everyone think? :)
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