Girls prefer 2D over 3D games

Girls prefer 2D over 3D games

Portal is one game which many see as spanning the gender and age gaps among gamers.

There isn't a day goes by that I don't get a inboxful of spam emails telling me how I need more of certain things to impress the ladies - more money, more style, more...well, you get the idea. It turns out that those emails may be wrong though and that to the majority of women, less is more, at least it is as far as dimensions go.

In a study performed at the Georgia Institute of Technology it was discovered that girls massively perferred games which used only two dimensional graphics over those which used three diminesional graphics.

"Results indicate that 2D electronic games are easier than 3D electronic games for both females and males, and the majority of females would rather play games that are "easy" while the majority of males would rather play games that are "challenging"." Says the report in a tone so sterile it was probably drenched in ethanol before being let loose.

"Females tended not to like the confusion in the 3D video games, whether it was unclear directions, objectives, camera perspectives, or not knowing how to control the character. Females may also prefer games that have dreamlike graphics to games with realistic graphics. Results also point toward a steeper learning curve for females when playing a 3D game than a 2D game."

So, the results are certain not unanimous - and I have several female friends who can easily trounce me at any game you'd care to mention to prove that point - but the difference is staggering.

I can't help but wonder what games were used to test with though. It doesn't seem unreasonable to say that Doom 3 and New Super Mario Bros. could have been likely candidates, but if that's true I'd wager on drastically different results if other games were used - go try comparing Portal to Castlevania on the same audience, then we'll talk.

Which do you prefer - 2D or 3D and, more importantly, why? Let us know in the forums.


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[USRF]Obiwan 19th December 2007, 08:01 Quote
There is just one and only one reason why girls/woman prefer 2D over 3D. See, it is very simple to explain. Girls/Woman can not navigate, its a proven fact they cant. 3D is all about navigation in a mazelike environment.
liratheal 19th December 2007, 08:15 Quote
To me, depends on the platform.

DS: 2D, because it looks horrible trying to do 3D.
PSP: Could do with more 2D
Most other things: 3D

Overall, I'm more into the story, and the playability than the number of dimensions it's displayed in :B
cjoyce1980 19th December 2007, 08:21 Quote
i've got a girl on my live friends list and she kicks arse on gears of war & COD4, but it makes you think about what type of girl she is..........
badders 19th December 2007, 08:42 Quote
My GF just can't seem to get the hang of WASD....

GF: "It's WRONG!!! Can't they put the mouse on the other side and use the Arrow keys? That's why they're Arrows, isn't it?"
Me: "Dear Lord..."
GF: (roars with anger) "It's STUPID! I'm going back to my DS"
Fod 19th December 2007, 08:51 Quote
this does mesh rather nicely with a report that found men to be better at tasks which require spatial awareness (i.e, navigating a 3d environment) - they assumed this to be because the men of the stone age went hunting lots and had to know the area intimately while the women stayed home and sewed, or something.
can't find the report now though.

@badders, it doesn't sound like you properly justified the usage of WASD over the arrow keys (i.e, there are more keys surrounding them for other functions without moving from motion!) - women need that!
Glider 19th December 2007, 10:10 Quote
If I play a game (the odd ocation) it's actually a 1D game :D Less is indeed better then more ;)
mikeuk2004 19th December 2007, 11:44 Quote
My wife gets sick when she watchs a 3d game and if she trys to play one its only 5 mins at a time. She loves Assasins Creed but I think its going to be a few years before she finishes it.
KoenVdd 19th December 2007, 11:53 Quote
At home I'm the only one who plays games, so I can't really compare. I still prefer 3D, but that's also since I'm a GFX freak. At home it's strangely enough my mom and sister that have a sense of direction and me and my dad that always get lost (evolution likes to have it's laughs apparently). The most challenging is in Prey in the gravity wall levels in multiplayer, since you cant even use gravity as a reference point to orient, it took me ages just to find my way around a single level, and still then I get surprised form time to time to see where I end.
naokaji 19th December 2007, 11:53 Quote
i bet its because 2D games are ususally easier and targeted at a more casual crowd than 3D games...i bet its the difficulty lvl that makes girsl go for 2D games, take wow for example, its a 3D game, but without the difficutly lvl of other 3D games and whats the result? its popular even among girls.
po0 19th December 2007, 12:13 Quote
Personally as a female gamer these articles make me cringe. I play 2D or 3D. 3D predominately purely because that's how the majority of games are released these days. Ill still take most guys/girls to school on games like Halo.

Although my navigation skills outside of a game is pretty poor in game I have no problem finding how to get from A - B in game.

I think repetition is the key :)
Phil Rhodes 19th December 2007, 12:31 Quote
po0, no need to cringe. While the studies mentioned above (regarding spatial acuity in men and women) are something I think many of us have heard of, it's a 15th-percentile thing, which is a clever statistical phrase indicating that it applies only in the most general terms - the ranges cross over a lot. A large proportion of women will score just as highly on these tests as Mr. Completely Average.

I wouldn't, for instance, wish to question these fine ladies on their spatial acuity. Particularly the one in the back.
jakenbake 19th December 2007, 12:49 Quote
after years of trying to get my gf to play CSS, i've finally gotten her to at least try TF2. I'm pretty sure the only reason she even attempted was because of the graphics, which kind of goes along with what this article says. i actually think she liked it, once she realized she could pick the mouse up and bring it back to the center of the pad...
Lazarus Dark 19th December 2007, 13:15 Quote
I read this story to my gf and she wanted to slap me just for reading it. Does this not seem sexist to anyone else a bit?
"girls are helpless and frail and like games that are easy and have unicorns and don't make them have to use their brain."
I'm sorry, while some groups of people I have found to live up to their stereotypes, in my 26 years of experience, I have not found women to live up to the weak stereotype, they're all different.
Djizasse 19th December 2007, 14:06 Quote
Nowadays is impossible to say/write anything without having someone playing the "victim" and refering the word "stereotype".
This's a study that has statistical results. It's not sexism.
There're more studies that conclude that USUALLY women are more organized/responsible than man. Is this sexist? Women USUALLY are more sensible that men. This must also be sexism… This argument could go on… The fact is that women are different to man, our brains process information in distinct ways.

Anyway, how can I expect that my GF takes up the mouse and start fragging in UT 2003? She's never been into videogaming, like the MAJORITY of girls i know. I can't expect her to develop the skills i took years to learn, in a day or two. She does not even like FPS games. But women are getting into video gaming. Let's see what happens with our children. I'll just continue to game, not caring if the german that headshooted me is a male or female :)
Bauul 19th December 2007, 14:24 Quote
Originally Posted by Lazarus Dark
I read this story to my gf and she wanted to slap me just for reading it. Does this not seem sexist to anyone else a bit?
"girls are helpless and frail and like games that are easy and have unicorns and don't make them have to use their brain."
I'm sorry, while some groups of people I have found to live up to their stereotypes, in my 26 years of experience, I have not found women to live up to the weak stereotype, they're all different.

Erm, it's not sexist at all. Because, and you might want to sit down for thios bit... men and women are different! That's right, they're not the same! Men are better at some things, women at others. It's a well known thoery that men are better at spatial awareness (though not nearly as good as chimps) as women, but women can multitask physically and mentally far better than men. If this is true, it supports this report's findings. It annoys me when something like this comes out and people brand it sexist. Is producing clothes in different sizes fatist or heightist? Perhaps we should all be reduced to identical a-sexual blobs of undeterminate colour, then everyone would be finally equal.
RinSewand 19th December 2007, 14:39 Quote
I'd agree with the article, however my ex was shockingly good at pretty much every type of game bar racing. Though she did like the oldskool console games which are 2d... interesting.

Thacrudd 19th December 2007, 16:23 Quote
I have to agree with the CONCEPT. My GF plays console games, mostly old-school 2d games. I would in no way say that one sex is better than the other though. She can totally rule tetris and SMB 3, as well as newer titles also. I think the bottom line is that this atricle is based more on casual gamers than hardcore gamers.
LeMaltor 19th December 2007, 17:29 Quote
My mum likes playing sonic on the Mega Drive, got her it on the PS2 though a few months ago, once she learnt the new "funny controller" she was playing again lol :P
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