Jaffe: God of War movie still going well

Jaffe: God of War movie still going well

David Jaffe has confirmed that the God of War movie is still going strong and that more news will come soon.

David Jaffe, creator of the massively successful God of War franchise on the various PlayStation platforms, has confirmed that the movie based on the game is still in development.

It's been a bit quiet regarding the movie adaptation of the game lately and fans had been worried that the film had slipped through into development hell the same as Duke Nukem Forever or the movie on Alan Moore's The Watchmen.

Thankfully, it seems that next year will be the year that all these franchises could materialise - Duke Nukem Forever has been slated for a 2008 release, Zack Snyder has started work on The Watchmen movie and Jaffe has confirmed that the God of War movie is still going strong. Geeks, rejoice!

Posting on his blog, Jaffe said that there could be some big news about the movie soon but remained tight-lipped on the specifics.

"I had a good lunch with the producer of the GOD OF WAR movie a few weeks ago. Some big news COULD be coming on that front soon but nothing set in stone yet. But yeah, the project is still alive! And looking strong!"

The announcement is probably a cast announcement or something mostly uninteresting, but who knows? Let us know what you think about the game in the forums.


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antiHero 14th December 2007, 12:44 Quote
Sweet! I love the GOW games and i really think about buying a PSP only to play the release there. :D

I wonder if i am the only one who things that Vin Diesel is the perfect choice for Kratos?
Almightyrastus 14th December 2007, 12:49 Quote
He's a touch small I think, they would need to do something along the lines of what they did with 300 and Xerxes, some heavy effects and post production.
DXR_13KE 15th December 2007, 02:16 Quote
movie from game......
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