Microsoft having Video Marketplace woes

Microsoft having Video Marketplace woes

In light of the Xbox Video Marketplace problems, Sparta has decided to go to war for a change.

Microsoft only launched the Xbox Live Video Marketplace at the start of the week and yet already the service is having a whole heap of troubles.

The new Video Marketplace, which lets users download standard definition and high definition movies from an expanding library of available content has been praised for thoughtfully giving different price points for SD and HD content. No amount of content choosing can make up for some of the reported bugs though, which have even effected some of us in the office.

The system should let Xbox Live users download movies for 14 days, though they have only 24 hours to watch them from when the file is first played. It isn't going all that smoothly though - reported issues include downloads which don't complete, slow file transfers, error messages and even downloading the wrong files. Yes, you could purchase 300 for yourself, only to end up sat down watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - oh, the horror!

The bugs have all been confirmed with Microsoft and the Xbox Live support team is on the ball, pledging to get all the kinks ironed out as soon as possible.

The most frustrating thing that we've found is that the system will take your Microsoft Points as soon as the download starts, regardless of whether or not it completes successfully. Thanks, Bill.

Ah well, at least it isn't all bad - The Dishwasher will be available soon, an uber-violent indie game made by game designer and bit-tech columnist Jim Silva. You can read his latest column about how he got started as a professional game-maker while you wait for your films to download!

Have you had any trouble with the system or is Xbox Live an entirely new concept to you? Either way, drop us your thoughts in the forums.


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mrb_no1 13th December 2007, 11:21 Quote
Wouldnt be a Microsoft, or more and xbox 'thing' if it wasnt littered with crucial errors imo, glad i haven't bought into the xbox 360.


mikeuk2004 13th December 2007, 11:35 Quote
Ive not had any problems with this yet because I only watched the trailers and they look so bad on a 46" 1080P TV. I am hoping that the trailers or low res compressed videos because if the actual movie looks like that then no thank you.

With the downloads on market place (no talking about these new films), I have noticed several times that if I que a few downloads only half actually download. When you go back on the market place there is a 'Tick' to say they have been downloaded before but there is nothing on my console.

Im alwasy having to go back on the market place to find the items I originally wanted to download that didnt.
samkiller42 13th December 2007, 13:24 Quote
Don't worry mike, the trailers were poor on my 2405fpw when i watched them.
mrb_no1, you can't blame MS or xbox live for faults, you will find faults everywere you look. When something new like this is about, its not the simplest thing to test. We can all come up with a list of 100 test items, but when it comes to it, something you least expect is to fault.

DXR_13KE 13th December 2007, 23:47 Quote
if only they gave you a discount for the next time you rented the same movie..... or gave you a discount for a certain amount of films you rent.
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