NCSoft moving away from games?

NCSoft moving away from games?

Could Facebook be the new home for the City of Heroes?

NCSoft, the game developer and publisher responsible for unleashing the Lineage series on the world, has hinted that it may be moving away from game development altogether according to a Korean newspaper article.

The news comes at an interesting time for NCSoft, which has just fully acquired the City of Heroes IP and released MMO Tabula Rasa. The news may be spurred on by falling stock price though according to The Korean Times:

"Korea's largest game company this year has released a series of social-networking services from Openmaru, an in-house software studio, with strong support from its CEO Kim Taek-jin. Meanwhile, its stock price almost halved over the past two months, as investors raised doubt about the prospect of its online games business."

"CEO Kim said Wednesday that the firm will increase investment in the online services sector, which is dominated by big portal operators such as Naver, Daum and SK Communications."

I have to say, for my two cents, it seems like an odd move for the company. Social networking is a fierce field and there's already a large number of established sites catering for that market. Some of those sites have some heavy hitters behind them too.

Only time will tell over whether this is just a rumour or not, but in the mean time you can let us know what you think in the forums.


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Darkedge 26th November 2007, 11:45 Quote
Korean times LOVES it's over the top panic articles. Yeah I'm sure NCsoft are dumping games - no they arn't this is just expanding their product range.

Nice copy of at Kotaku article too... ;)
CardJoe 26th November 2007, 12:04 Quote
Originally Posted by Darkedge

Nice copy of at Kotaku article too... ;)

Picked the link up elsewhere actually, but thanks ;)
p3n 26th November 2007, 13:23 Quote
I'd imagine there was plenty of space for a social networking site that was fully translated into various character based languages.
Flibblebot 26th November 2007, 14:05 Quote
It seems strange that they'd talk about this so soon after acquiring CoH/CoV from the developers - can't imagine that they'd be willing to dump that investment so soon. It'd be a shame, CoH is one of my all time favouritest online games of all time.
Darkedge 26th November 2007, 14:17 Quote
They arn't dumping anything Flibblebot - that is why this news is so overblown... Just adding other services to their games portfolio, they've got Aion still coming out next year an update for CoH/CoV next week I think and Guild Wars 2 is coming out in the future. I'm sure there are lots of other stuff happening too. Anyone who things they are just going to go into Web 2.0 social networking and dump everything else is an idiot who believes all the 2.0 bullshit
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