Guitar Hero III Mac later this year

Guitar Hero III Mac later this year

The joint PC and Mac version of Guitar Hero 3 will eventually phase out the current PC version.

This news is well timed, what with our very own Guitar Hero peripheral shipment finally arriving in the office and securing at least one lunch-times worth of joy while Tim is out of the office.

Activision, in an effort to leave no platform untouched, has confirmed that the Mac version of Guitar Hero 3 will be touching down later this year. Interestingly, it'll be a 'PC and Mac hybrid disc' which will slowly phase the PC version out of existence.

Guitar Hero 3 was released across the globe earlier this week, but so far we've been far, far too busy with Crysis to even open the box. The game has already gathered $155 Million in sales in just the first week according to Joystiq and there are still a few versions left to be released, namely the Mac and DS versions.

The PC and Mac versions are being ported to the platforms by Aspyr Media and they to have confirmed that the "the hybrid PC/Mac version will eventually replace the PC-only SKU."

There's no word on what guitar the Mac version will come packaged with, but it's most likely going to be the same X-plorer model as the PC.

Which is your platform of choice for your rock-god fantasies, or are still waiting for Rock Band before you get invested? Let us know in the forums.


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Jamie 15th November 2007, 14:02 Quote
Can we get bluetooth guitars with that?
completemadness 15th November 2007, 20:14 Quote
I wonder how big a step it would be to go from mac to Linux ....
The_Beast 15th November 2007, 23:02 Quote
mac users will like all the moving colors :)
Elspuddy 15th November 2007, 23:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Can we get bluetooth guitars with that?

i'l settle for light up buttions then bluetooth :P
Morphine-Kitty 15th November 2007, 23:53 Quote
I wonder if my dad's MacBook could run it...

And yes, bluetooth guitars would rule.
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