Guitar Hero III Wii only has Mono sound

Guitar Hero III Wii only has Mono sound

We take ANY excuse to use this picture of Tim, so expect to see it replacing all other content soon.

Guitar Hero III on the Wii was always going to be a bit of a letdown in the graphics department and we were all pretty much prepared for the poor graphical performance of the comparably under-powered console. That was fine. It didn't matter very much; the game was all about the fun and the controller modding anyway, graphics don't play a huge role.

What was important was the sound - the sound has to be just right. It's a shame then that the Wii version of the game has also turned out to be under-performing there too.

Apparently, despite declaring on the box that the game supports both stereo and Dolby Pro Logic 2 sound options, the Wii version actually only uses mono sound.

There's been a fair amount of whinging about it, which is pretty understandable. Both the Wii and the game have mass market appeal by the bucket load and the Wii version of the game has proven very popular indeed, so there's an awful lot of disappointed customers out there.

Activision has promised that it is looking into how to fix the problem and, thankfully, it looks as if the there's some sort of software glitch which is preventing the game from running in stereo mode and it isn't anything to do with the hardware. This means that a patch for the game could be distributed online in the near future if all goes well.

Normally, this is the point where I'd pose a quick question to you and ask you to head to the forums to answer. Today though, how about we just have fun at the chance to use this fantastic picture of Tim? Photo-edits and witty captions should be put in the forums.


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Shadowed_fury 13th November 2007, 11:21 Quote
Shocking that, 2007 and still mono sounds...
Oh and your link at the end isn't there ;)
DXR_13KE 13th November 2007, 11:49 Quote
i was thinking that Tim was thinking something like: "this sounds like ass"
glaeken 13th November 2007, 12:10 Quote
Can't compete graphically? It's freakin Guitar Hero. It doesn't have any heavy duty graphics.... Also, that's a pretty big bug that got let out the door. Where's QA when you need it?
quack 13th November 2007, 12:12 Quote
Pretty shoddy tbh. I hope they fix this issue before the UK release.
capnPedro 13th November 2007, 17:16 Quote
What is this, the 80s?

My mate is selling his Wii for reasons just like this; it seems kinda half baked tbh.
mikeuk2004 13th November 2007, 20:45 Quote
Hahaha omg!!!!! I think sales are going to be a wii little poor on nintendo then. Its a Music game thats all about music and with out it, it flops like rise of the robots. I cant believe that its mono and it will be some time after!!! its released before a patch will be available to fix it. And people make fun of EA releasing patches for games on launch.

So what about people with out the internet??? How will they patch it??? or will they have to put up with Mono all their life.

Originally Posted by glaeken
Can't compete graphically? It's freakin Guitar Hero. It doesn't have any heavy duty graphics

Thats what I thought. It as graphiclly heavy as tetris!!! Id expect it to look exactly like the 360 and ps3 version and if it looks bad, then Id really question how the Wii will look in 5 years time.

Ill be getting GTIII for christmas and cant wait :) I never thought id be getting a game like this!!
completemadness 13th November 2007, 22:48 Quote
GH2 on the 360 looks a fair bit better then the PS2

But tbh, isnt it really about the game, then the graphics .... its a load of dots scrolling down the screen ....
The_Beast 13th November 2007, 22:49 Quote
The only reason I would buy a Wii would be for the golf game

I'm thinking of getting GH!!! for X-mas for PS2
proxess 14th November 2007, 23:18 Quote
DDR for Wii please!!
Clocked 15th November 2007, 01:12 Quote
Originally Posted by Shadowed_fury
Shocking that, 2007 and still mono sounds...

I've been in Mono since 1982 baby.. and will be for a long long time ;) so no difference for me there really

Not out of choice obviously - my left ear is purely for decorative purposes :)
supermonkey 15th November 2007, 03:46 Quote
Originally Posted by proxess
DDR for Wii please!!
It's fun, and it proves beyond any doubt that I have no rhythm whatsoever. The integration of the nunchuck and Wii remote for hand gestures adds an entirely new dimension of difficulty. Stilt walking and juggling come naturally to me, but DDR is just beyond my grasp.

ledbythereaper 22nd November 2007, 19:26 Quote
To be honest, I doubt the PC version is going to require hefty hardware so it's probably better for Wii owners to get that.
Hex 27th November 2007, 11:31 Quote
Originally Posted by ledbythereaper
To be honest, I doubt the PC version is going to require hefty hardware so it's probably better for Wii owners to get that.
Really, really... No. The PC version doesn't have any of the fun on-line stuff and so far actually looks a bit rubbish in comparison. I honestly see no problem with GH:III Wii being in mono, it's a game, if I want to listen to the music I'd listen to the actual bands playing it on a proper music player (I know more of the songs on the 3rd one are the actual bands and not covers, but there are still covers of some of the songs I really like). Maybe if you only play in single player on Easy all the time, but generally when I'm playing I'm trying to kick someone's arse not listening to the music :)
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