Flemish Ministry of Culture invests in games

Flemish Ministry of Culture invests in games

Tale of Tales has now bagged itself some government funding for it's new game, The Path.

Games are where it's at. That seems to be the opinion of the Flemish Ministry of Culture, who have recently invested 90,000 Euros into indie game developer Tale of Tales to help with the costs of its new game.

The money, which was invested via an exclusive investment fund caller CultuurInvest, is being put towards the development of the new indie game The Path. The Path is a survival horror game based on the Red Riding Hood story and has been entered into this year's Independent Games Festival.

The contract for the deal was signed in Brussels recently according to

"In games industry terms, the amount that CultuurInvest is investing is next to nothing, but for a small independent developer like us, it means the difference between being able to make a game or not," Tale of Tales said in a statement.

"This is the first time we will be working with investment money (as opposed to arts funding), so we're a bit nervous about that. It's like we suddenly levelled up."

Tale of Tales is an independent game developer based out of Belgium and which is well known for the strange art-game, The Endless Forest, which casts players as anthropomorphic deer who can communicate solely through body language. I suggest you try the game, it's incredibly relaxing.

The Path will be the company's first commercial release and is the first game to be supported by the CultuurInvest fund, which was founded to exclusively finance companies with cultural aims. Should games really get government support though? Let us know what you think in the forums.


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Nohawk 9th November 2007, 14:42 Quote
Depends if the funding has any restrictions on it, if it is soley to help the company create games to expand the company then i see it as a good thing, but if it means they have to change the game to get the funding it will annoy a lot of people.
Tyinsar 11th November 2007, 21:44 Quote
Not my type of game but a cool move for the ministry. ;)
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