Forza 2 DLC discounted

Forza 2 DLC discounted

Microsoft has decided to discount the new Forza 2 downloadable track, almost cutting the price by half.

I'm not much of a driver and as a result I generally keep quiet around the office when everyone's weighing up the pros and cons of different types of engines. I even kept my contributions to ComputerKing's Mercedes Benz thread to a minimum. Now though, I find myself being inextricably being pulled into a discussion about cars - so bear with me.

Forza 2, which has already stirred the pot of controversy once, has been the subject of various whinges again recently. This time the problem is the recently announced downloadable content, which should be available today and will add four variations of the Japanese Twin Ring Moegi track.

And yes, four variations probably does just mean that it'll be the same road with varying degrees of wetness.

The problem is the price you see, which was originally announced as 600 Microsoft points for Xbox Live users. That translates to about $7.50 or £5.10 depending on where abouts on planet Earth you're standing.

The price caused an uproar straight away and fans were running around in circles and rightfully fretting over their pennies - £5 for one road, four times?!

Thankfully, Microsoft and Turn 10 kept their ears turned on and listened in to the whole furore. As a result, the price has now been dropped to 400 points - which is about $5.00 or £3.40. Much better, thank you.

Will you be picking up the new downloadable content, or do you think it's still too expensive? Let us know in the forums!


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Luukas 26th October 2007, 10:56 Quote
Heh, I initially read 'discontinued'... quite funny when you consider the front-page summary's wording.
Jamie 26th October 2007, 11:03 Quote
This is good news, I couldn't believe it when I heard it was going to be over £5 for a single track yesterday.
cjoyce1980 26th October 2007, 11:07 Quote
there are loads of tracks in the game anyway, sure downloadable tracks should only come out to add value to the game, not just to microsofts profit margin
mikeuk2004 26th October 2007, 12:21 Quote
Im not paying that either. I love Forza 2 and would like more tracks, but even at £3.40, I think thats a rip off. Make it £5 for a pack of at least 5 different tracks. Its not that I need 1 more track to add re-playability, its a racing game and the current tracks give it plently of re-playability.

only upgrades for any games i have bought are bomberman maps. the origianal download only has a few maps and although the 2 updates give a total of 4 maps and various costume, they were only a total of 450 points and I still felt ripped off.
DXR_13KE 26th October 2007, 13:00 Quote
i would pay £3.40 for a pack of 10 tracks.... no less.
wolff000 26th October 2007, 19:50 Quote
Seems a little high but I don't own the game. You think they would just leave the price the same and throw in 2 or 3 more tracks. Even just the option to download when they come out later would be better.
Kipman725 26th October 2007, 21:16 Quote
paying for things that used to be free :(
Shadowed_fury 26th October 2007, 22:21 Quote
Spelling mistake ;)
"Japanese Twin Ring Moegi track." Its Motegi. ;)

And btw, there are probably four variations. The oval/east/west/full. ;)
Jamie 26th October 2007, 22:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Shadowed_fury

And btw, there are probably four variations. The oval/east/west/full. ;)

yeah, no weather effects in Forza.
Shadowed_fury 26th October 2007, 23:28 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
yeah, no weather effects in Forza.

Alas, I wouldn't know.
Never touched that bad side of the market ;) Playstation is where its at... (However, not buying a PS3 till I see GT5 out!)
Thought i'd come and correct it anyway :D
manvadher 27th October 2007, 21:17 Quote
its just a shame that Forza 2 constantly crashes my Xbox... had to settle for PGR4... but paying for tracks... thats just wrong... even at the new price
Darkangel 28th October 2007, 20:22 Quote
Originally Posted by Luukas
Heh, I initially read 'discontinued'... quite funny when you consider the front-page summary's wording.

lol I did the same.

yea, I deffo won't be paying extra for something that should really be free.
Jamie 30th October 2007, 17:22 Quote
I've still not come close to completing career mode so I don't need any DLC and I wont pay for a track in the same way I would never pay for the extra cars for PGR3.
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