BioWare working on KOTOR MMO?

BioWare working on KOTOR MMO?

A Knights of the Old Republic MMO sounds like a good idea to us...

This is only a rumour right now so don't go taking it all too seriously, but it's possible that BioWare, which was recently bought up by EA, is working on a new massively multiplayer game to be based around the Knights of the Old Republic franchise.

Tantalising, no?

The rumour was started by Primotech, who cite a source close to the developer as dropping them the hint that BioWare is working on a KOTOR MMO.

Primotech reckons that the MMO will be out on shelves by 2009 and that the game will be built on the Steambase engine, which Bioware picked up the rights to a while back.

The idea of a KOTOR MMO seems fairly logical. The game was hugely successful and spawned a sequel as well as gathering considerable critical acclaim. It's been known for a while that BioWare is hard at work on a new MMO, though the setting has been unknown.

Since BioWare has been bought up by EA recently though, there is a fair bit of speculation that the move has been forced down on BioWare by their new overlords benefactors, or that the EA will control the direction of the game.

What do you think about the rumour? Could it be true? Let us know what you think in the forums.


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Hells_Bliss 23rd October 2007, 13:36 Quote
need to close the strikethrough tags :)

Sounds like galaxies to me, i'm too leary to waste my money on something like that..but hey it's still in development for over a year, so maybe they'll put something thats worth playing.
Zurechial 23rd October 2007, 14:12 Quote
It seems unlikely that LucasArts would allow EA/BioWare to use the Star Wars franchise to create an MMO in competition with Galaxies, their own Star Wars MMO, even if it's set ~5000 years before the era of Galaxies.

Either way, if it involves subscription fees then I'll be disinterested even before an official press release. :p
UncertainGod 23rd October 2007, 14:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Zurechial
It seems unlikely that LucasArts would allow EA/BioWare to use the Star Wars franchise to create an MMO in competition with Galaxies, their own Star Wars MMO, even if it's set ~5000 years before the era of Galaxies.

You forget how much of a 'cash in on the franchise any way possible' whore George is, plus are there still people playing Galaxies? Anyway by the time anything would possibly come of this Galaxies must have ran itself dry by then.
BlackMage23 23rd October 2007, 18:59 Quote
I was a long time player of SWG (star War Galaxies). I stuck with it for 3 years since it came out.
For 18 months it was a really fun game to play. but what probley killed it was the jedi Profession - everyone wanted to be a jedi.
there were 30 Professions when the game started, and now it has 9.

Back on point, after the game started to suffer becouse of the changes that kept being put into the game to try and bring in lots of new players (a plan that only managed to make them loose more of the old players) the bioware rumor started up. I'd say that it has been a rumor for about 2 years now, and started as a rumor that bioware would take over the running of galaxies becouse of the mess that SOE had made of the game (I will never play another SOE game becouse of the mess they made of the game).
It later changed to them making a new mmo based on kotor, and I keep hearing this rumor pop up every now and then. So I would not read too much into it.
Dvs98SK 23rd October 2007, 19:24 Quote
I would love it. If it was free. Loved both KOTOR's.
Shadowed_fury 23rd October 2007, 21:53 Quote
Are they just pushing off the single player mode? :(
E.E.L. Ambiense 23rd October 2007, 21:59 Quote
Yeah, I'd much rather see the next Kotor than an MMO, IMHO. Loved the first two.
Tyinsar 23rd October 2007, 23:21 Quote
Like others I would be really (pleasantly) surprised if this was true. However:
Originally Posted by Shadowed_fury
Quoted for truth
DXR_13KE 24th October 2007, 00:26 Quote
yet another mmo.....
Wargath 1st December 2007, 00:31 Quote
By the way, we have launched a Wiki Knowledge Base that will be continuously enriched with information about BioWares's upcoming next-generation MMO. Everyone is welcome to visit the KotOR MMO Wiki at
Amon 1st December 2007, 02:59 Quote
I'm apprehensive about this. I'm unsure if they've really been given permission to compete against, and probably force out of the market, Star Wars: Galaxies.
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