Saints Row 2 Unveiled

Saints Row 2 Unveiled

Saints Row 2 will be out sometime next year on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

THQ has officially announced the sequel to the free-roaming gangster shooter, Saints Row today.

Dubbed Saints Row 2, the game will feature a number of improvements on the original title. First and foremost will be the addition of online co-op for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, because you can never have enough co-op games. The game will also add a whole boatload of new options to customise your character with and enough new bling to fill a fully pimped out strech Hummer with.

Speaking of vehicles, the game world will also be made bigger and will allow players to travel around in boats, planes, helicopters and bikes.

Saints Row 2, which so far seems mercifully un-subtitled, will be getting a graphical enhancement too with larger and more interesting environments for players to explore thanks to work done by the developer, Volition.

"The team at Volition is leveraging invaluable experience gained on Saints Row to build Saints Row 2 into a game that sets the standard for combat, player freedom, customization, vehicle game-play, team-based co-op and the most compelling online open world experience to date," Said Scott Guthrie, marketing honcho of THQ.

The bad news however is that the game won't be available until next year and is only confirmed for the 360 and PS3. Depending on the exact release date, which hasn't been confirmed yet, the game could be trying to go up against the new GTA title - a fight it would undoubtedly lose.

Still, the original Saints Row was a fun and surprisingly funny take on gang culture that was great for jumping in and out of and the hope is that the next game can deliver along similar lines. With at least six months until a likely release though, we'll just have to wait and see how it pans out, so in the meantime why not drop your thoughts in the forums?


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DougEdey 25th September 2007, 09:27 Quote
Give the game a BLOODY ending and I'll be happy!
mikeuk2004 25th September 2007, 12:28 Quote
I like Saints row and there are a few things in It id like to see in GTA. For example having your gang follow you and get in your car so you can do drive by shootings etc. That was one of the first things I noticed and liked in saints row. I couldnt wait to be able to have a 3 man gange in my convertable. I wished you could have more so you can fill up a limo, van or bus with your crew. I still have a lot of side mission to complete and the disc collecting and spray painting. Few more hours yet to get 100% completion.

Im interested in Saints row 2 and GTA 4 and would get both if the came out at the same time.
mmorgue 25th September 2007, 12:28 Quote
Excellent! That was a great game for when it came out.. Loads of fun. Looking forward to the next one.
Veles 25th September 2007, 13:11 Quote
I agree with the other comments, I think Saints Row added a lot of improvements that made the GTA series frustrating, the aiming system was much better and the sat nav system was great. There are loads more minor improvements that I thought were great too. What I'd love to see is an aiming system like Crackdown, because I think that was great, you had the freedom of a normal aimer like Saints Row, but could also lock onto people/vehicles and target specific body parts/objects.

I'm, with Mike, if they come out the same time, I'll be buying both anyway. I think Violition created the first GTA clone that could compete against the original, and Rockstar now have to up their game a bit more now. There was less stuff to do in the original Saints Row than there was in GTS: SA, but I think everything felt a lot more polished (apart from the multiplayer, which was a bit shite).
DXR_13KE 25th September 2007, 14:31 Quote
"The game will also add a whole boatload of new options to customise your character with and enough new BLIND to fill a fully pimped out strech Hummer with."

blind or bling?
Veles 25th September 2007, 14:45 Quote
Joe obviously isn't as down with the streets as we first thought.

I'm hoping they'll have awesome voice actors as before, they had some pretty good voices in the game.
CardJoe 25th September 2007, 15:03 Quote
I'm cool, I'm cool!

Really - I'm totally home with the downies!
axxoon 10th February 2008, 17:45 Quote
about the ending on saint's row 1( after you see the cutscene with your holms and that jules is taken by a cop) it really sucks.
you get blown up and everyone of the story caracters is a mother ****ing beatrayers(well not the other gang members) so i ****ing hate them for that beacuse i thought that i was gonna shoot the guys behind i really hate them so i just want to strangel them.
god i really want to have saint's row to be about killing them( i hop so)
The_Beast 10th February 2008, 20:07 Quote
I might just have to buy SR and SRII
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