Rockstar: Games are an artform, even Manhunt 2

Rockstar: Games are an artform, even Manhunt 2

Rockstar Leeds thinks that the Manhunt 2 fiasco will have serious consequences for the industry.

Do we really have to go over the whole 'Manhunt 2' thing again? About how it was victimised before its release, how it was prevented from sale in the UK, then rated AO in the US before being left without a platform? Do we really have to mention again how Rockstar are appealing the ratings?

No? Good. That stuff gets really tiresome.

It seems that Rockstar isn't tired about it yet though and Gordon Hall, head of Rockstar Leeds, says that the rest of the industry should rally behind Rockstar in an attempt to combat the rating problems Manhunt 2 is facing;

"..the wider issue attacks our entire industry. We need to teach people that games are an art form — they are more artistic than film. I think the games industry should rally behind us, because there will come a time when we'll all have an idea that's a little edgy, and we need to have the freedoms to express it.

We are an adult entertainment industry — we may have started out with child-like technology making games solely for a younger audience, but it's just not like that anymore. It might take legislature a little while to catch up, but if the industry sticks together hopefully we can change people's attitudes quicker,"
said Gordon in a recent interview.

Games as an artform? That's something Roger Ebert would probably disagree with, but at least Cliver Barker has got his back.

What do you think? Are games an artform? Did Manhunt 2 push the industry too far or is a system which allows Postal 2 to be sold hypocritical for banning Manhunt 2? Discuss in the forums!


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DougEdey 16th August 2007, 12:49 Quote
I've just seen a video on youtube of the Manhunt executions, and it was just massively OTT, unrequired violence. Even ArsoN agreed.
Hugo.B 16th August 2007, 13:58 Quote
I think they're clutching at straws now...
DXR_13KE 16th August 2007, 14:09 Quote
i want to play it even with that kind of sick violence......... :p
Darkedge 16th August 2007, 14:31 Quote
there's art and then there's just nasty - like some of the justly banned film. Shut up Rocksta, the first game was poor and made sales off controversy, this one is no different and even more sick. Give up.
Nexxo 16th August 2007, 18:27 Quote
That old chesnut again... Like famous statement goes: "I may not understand art, but I know what I like": I may not understand art, but I recognise BS when I hear it...
completemadness 16th August 2007, 19:15 Quote
why isnt there a link to the forums from this article ?

And, manhunt 2 promotion again, jeez, who cares, seriously
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