Epic counter-sues Silicon Knights

Epic counter-sues Silicon Knights

Silicon Knights insists that the lawsuits against them will not halt the development of Too Human.

When Silicon Knights originally launched a lawsuit against Epic Games, the claim was that Epic was using fees from licensing its UE3 engine to sabotage rival games and to promote its own games over rivals and that the engine was delivered late and barely functional. It caused quite a stir at the time.

Now, in an act of retaliation, Epic is pushing a counter-suit on Silicon Knights with a long list of claims according to Kotaku. The key claims in the new lawsuit are;
  • Silicon Knights originally wanted Epic to endorse the "suitability" of their engine for Too Human, Epic refused
  • Silicon Knights has used Unreal 3 Technology in their own "Silicon Knights Engine"
  • Silicon Knights has used UT3 technology with a new Sega partnership without further license

Epic Games is now reportedly demanding compensation and punitive damages, as well as 'injunctive relief', which isn't nearly as rude or painful as it may sound. In fact, it basically means that Epic wants the original court case dismissed.

Epic also wants the destruction of "infringing goods", which basically refers to the Silicon Knights engine and the game, Too Human. Oh, and they want some more money too, for the lawyers.

Pfft, why couldn't they just settle it with a 1-on-1 deathmatch, eh?

Silicon Knights recently commented on the counter-suit to GameDaily and said that:

"We don't think Epic's counterclaim has any merit, we believe strongly that our claims in our complaint will prevail and the damages Silicon Knights has suffered in connection with its original complaint are vastly more, millions of dollars more than what Epic claims its damages are in its counterclaim. They've set forth $650,000 and our claims will dwarf that substantially," said Chris Holland, Silicon Knights' attorney.

Holland also insisted that the lawsuits will not have any effect on the development of Too Human

It's too early to see how the counter-suit may stand up in court, but it'll be a shame if manages to successfully force Too Human out of the market - something that would essentially be sabotaging the opposition, which is what the original lawsuit alleged. This whole thing is starting to make our heads hurt.

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Hugo.B 10th August 2007, 11:20 Quote
Sounds ludicrously petty.
A 1-on-1 deathmatch would be a laudable method of solving this stupid suing/counter-suing.
mikeuk2004 10th August 2007, 11:41 Quote
Isnt this a silly fallout. Will this see the end of Too Human if Silicon Knights p*** off Epic too much. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
fwalm 10th August 2007, 11:49 Quote
Well epic are just being sad doing that, they screwed Silicon Knights over and now there acting like children as far as im concerned, they should just stop acting like children. 1 V 1 Deathmatch
completemadness 10th August 2007, 18:24 Quote
Originally Posted by Hugo.B
A 1-on-1 deathmatch would be a laudable method of solving this stupid suing/counter-suing.
they would but they cant get their games to interoperate :p
ElZog 10th August 2007, 18:48 Quote
I think i'll sue them both, get in on the action.

liratheal 10th August 2007, 19:43 Quote
You know.

I'm fed up with seeing companies get sued because they're suddenly worth lots more money.

If GoW hadn't been the raging success that it was, I bet Silicon Knights would never have filed this suit.

I hope Epic win this joke of a legal battle, and force Too Human back to square one, even though I am looking forward to the game.

Bunch of money grabbing idiots. Stop focusing on lawsuits, and focus more on games that don't suck :|
Neogumbercules 10th August 2007, 20:35 Quote
Having read SC's entire legal document I gotta say I really do believe they have a strong case. I haven't read Epic's yet. It's definitely not just SC being babies and trying to money grab like oh so many people have claimed. If SC can provide sufficient evidence, they are going to be sitting pretty.
DougEdey 10th August 2007, 21:10 Quote
The thing is that no other game based on UE3 looks anywhere near as good as GoW or UT3. So either companies are just taking the engine and not learning to use it right or something fishy is going on.
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