StarCraft 2 singleplayer info

StarCraft 2 singleplayer info

StarCraft 2 singleplayer details are starting to leak out at BlizzCon 2007 in Korea.

BlizzCon 2007 is in full swing now and the news is pouring out thick and fast about what's going on over at Blizzard's annual convention in Korea.

The most exciting news of all is that, if one can wade through all the cosplay photographs and bizzare ogre dancing videos then there's a substantial amount of news to be had about the upcoming hype machine which is StarCraft 2, the long awaited sequel to the massive RTS hit, StarCraft.

Kotaku has got a fairly hefty amount of information about how the singleplayer campaign is set to pan out, focusing on the Terran campaign. The live demo that Kotaku got a chance to see was narrated by Rob Pardo and Dustin Browder of Blizzard, who revealed a few tidbits about the various missions available in the game;

"Raynor, in command of the Hyperion, interacted with the ship's crew, rubbing shoulders with a surly engineer, revealing one of the game's subplots. It seems the crew hasn't been paid in months, an issue Raynor says will be resolved once he's collected the bounty on the Protoss artifact he recently recovered (presumably in the mission prior). Part of the campaign in StarCraft II will be focused on Raynor's efforts to make money but taking jobs like this one, missions that ultimately tie into a larger plot." Said Michael McWhertor in the Kotaku coverage.

"The single-player presentation ended, promising a glimpse at the future of the storyline, including a return from the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan and hinting at unravelling the mystery of the Xel'Naga."

The full article goes into a lot of detail about the planned mission structure and storyline for the game, so you may want to avoid it if you're allergic to spoilers.

However, if you want to discuss the storyline and how the planned open-ended and freeform approach may work for StarCraft 2, then why not do it in the forums?


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Brooxy 7th August 2007, 13:22 Quote
The more I hear about SC2, the more I want it. Any word on which quarter it's coming out next year? (I heard it was next year, and knowing blizzard, I doubt they could get it out for this year if they tried)
C-Sniper 7th August 2007, 13:29 Quote
Im always open to a new type of plot, cant wait for the end result.
Delphium 7th August 2007, 13:40 Quote
YAY even more info for Blizzard to tease us over, I just want to be paying the game already!!!!!!!!!!! :'(
Brooxy 7th August 2007, 13:52 Quote
Originally Posted by Delphium
YAY even more info for Blizzard to tease us over, I just want to be paying the game already!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Speaking of being teased you seen the new terran viking? It's just screaming "you wanna play me"
Delphium 7th August 2007, 14:15 Quote
Originally Posted by Brooxy
Speaking of being teased you seen the new terran viking? It's just screaming "you wanna play me"

I cant say I have seen the unit yet, but by the sounds of it, it's probably for the best, otherwise id be pulling my hair out and biting my nails in anticipation of the game being installed on my desktop

I can just invisage a guy in a jail cell counting the days by, by means of a tally chart on the wall, with a restraining order from all local games stores from going to them each day and asking "has it arrived yet?!!!!!" causing a trail of destruction as I evolve into the Incredible Hulk, upon hearing the shop assistant utter the words under his breath of "NO".
jweller 8th August 2007, 00:49 Quote
We all know Blizzards MO, tease us for a couple years then for two more years give us the old "it will come out when we are satisfied with it's quality..." shpeel. ;) I'm still waiting for Diablo III, lol.

I am glad to see they are moving this game into the photo-realism realm and not that cartoonish, blob of colors look.
Rebourne 8th August 2007, 04:32 Quote
The guy in the video on IGN blizzard games usually come out 3-4 years after they were officially announced and hinted to that being the case for Starcraft 2. However, I really hope that isn't the case because that means it will come out in 2010 -2011.
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