PS3 to get digital tuner in 2008

PS3 to get digital tuner in 2008

The PlayStation 3 - games machine, paperweight, barbecue and, soon, TV tuner too!

Rumours are flying about the PlayStation 3 again, this time about the possibility of a new hardware attachment coming out in 2008.

In a recent interview with New Zealand press outfit, 'The Press', Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand, headed by a man with the enviable name of Warwick Light, let slip the news that Sony may be unveiling a new digital tuner device for the PlayStation 3 in 2008.

"We are hoping next year to release a digital tuner for the PS3, turning it into a programmable TV recorder." Warwick told The Press, going on to say that the device will hopefully be available in the first quarter of 2008 - just in time for the New Zealand launch of Freeview.

Sure, Freeview is already available here in the UK - but you've got to give the rest of the world time to catch up to us. Not everyone can be such a trendsetting nation as the UK, right?

How exactly the new device will become part of the PS3 isn't yet known. It may be that it'll become available in a whole new model of the PlayStation 3, but it's much more likely that the tuner will be an attachment which connects through one of the PlayStation 3s four USB ports.

Still, the general consensus right now is that Sony will unveil more information about the tuner attachment at the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention at the end of this month. We'll be attending the show though, so we'll be sure to feed you new information as it becomes available.

Want to speculate on uses for those other USB ports? Well, what are you waiting for? That's what forums are for!


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Seraphim Works 1st August 2007, 14:50 Quote
I'm actually pretty interested in this, not that I have a PS3, but it strikes me a very nice way for me to have digital tv hooked up to my 215TW along with a powerful console capable of playing most of my ps2 games. Simplifies things nicely and saves space for me.

Question is, how much and when?
mikeuk2004 1st August 2007, 19:29 Quote
I said before that i was surprised that these next gen consoles ie PS3 and 360 dont have a digital tuner and act as a Hard Disk Video Recorder as they both want to be multi media hubs and be the one source under your TV.

Maybe this is it, If they put a digital tuner in, it must be to record to the hard disk as what else could it be used for???

The only other reason I can think of. You buy a LCD TV with no tunner. Then if the pesky TV licence man comes around, you only have the games console to hide, and then you would say to the TV man 'how can I pick up TV signals, there is no tunner in my TV so sod off you annoying little man' :)
Super_Crazy_Guy 1st August 2007, 22:42 Quote
Woot NZ! hehe. I didn't realise that Sony let its NZ Managers know information...thought they just kept them in a cage in the basement.:D:DB)
sandys 2nd August 2007, 00:07 Quote
Hmm, whos going to want to have a tuner plugged in front of the PS3 with the required antenna hook up to it, its bad enough my KVM plugging into the front, looks untidy, they really should have fitted USB ports to the rear. The upfront ones are fine for plugging my old PS2 controllers into when I need 4 pads or a wheel when I want to use that but to have a tuner in front

They'd be better off doing what they did with the forerunner to the PS3, the PSX (not the PS1 but the PSX PVR released in japan ) that sort of system might have a chance of selling now that the component parts are cheaper.
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