Project Offset gameplay trailer released

Project Offset gameplay trailer released

Project Offset is an epic fantasy game developed using the Offset Engine, built by a team of just 19.

You might not have heard of Project Offset and the chances are that if you have heard of it then you aren't reading this at all - you're already drooling over your keyboard as you watch the trailer below.

If you haven't heard of it though, don't be ashamed. The game has been a bit low-key, so allow us to enlighten you.

Project Offset is the working title for an upcoming game developed by Offset Software, a newbie development house made of just 19 developers, most of whom were indie developers. Built in the Offset Engine (They really like that word, eh?), the game is described only as a first-person shooter set in an epic fantasy world.

Very little is actually known about the game and it's hard to even confirm the release platforms, though we know it'll be appearing on PC for sure.

The game has been a bit of an underground phenomenon in terms of the hype surrounding it, which is understandable given how awesomely, magnificently gorgeous the game looks.

So, this is the first gameplay trailer for the game as all previous videos have been tech demos. The gameplay finally seems to be shaping up though in what we at bit-tech looks like a fusion of Assassin's Creed and Dark Messiah: Might and Magic, with lashings of Oblivion.

Enough talk though, check out the trailer below and then get to the forums to discuss it. Be warned, the trailer starts of slowly (concept art, m'eh) but it soon picks up.

UPDATE: It turns out that the trailer was listed for internal purposes only and was accidentally leaked to the net. In response to requests from Offset Software, we've removed the trailer from the site. We have left the topic open to discussion however and have left the news post open for readers.


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yakyb 31st July 2007, 13:18 Quote
umm wow watched some of the tech demos a while back but they have improved loads upon them and the gameplay looks awesome cant wait to Battle Mage it up a bit
Jack_Pepsi 31st July 2007, 13:23 Quote
It's the fantasy fans Crysis. ^^

I was just on the official website and in the news section it states that this (I think it's this video) was leaked and wasn't meant for the public.

It has come to our attention that a video we made for internal purposes was leaked and is being spread around. Again, this video was for internal use only and we didn't intend to release it publically.

We'd like to request that news sites please not post this video.

Sam McGrath
DougEdey 31st July 2007, 13:27 Quote
Jack is right, this is the one they requested removed.
CardJoe 31st July 2007, 13:35 Quote
Just been alerted to this myself - am removing the video as we speak, but will leave the post in an updated form.
DougEdey 31st July 2007, 13:37 Quote
It's a shame really, but the game looks a lot like DM:M&M and Oblivion
Jack_Pepsi 31st July 2007, 13:51 Quote
It is a shame, that video was great! I expect it was a rough cut for an upcoming trailer and now they'll have to re-work it or create a new one that surpasses it. Hmmm... maybe they planned it all from the beginning... ARGH! Run away Skwisgaar!
Hugo 31st July 2007, 13:58 Quote
For those who didn't/haven't seen it - think Assassins Creed meets Dark Messiah
CardJoe 31st July 2007, 14:03 Quote
Originally Posted by Archangel
For those who didn't/haven't seen it - think Assassins Creed meets Dark Messiah

As said in the news article, Mr Bojling. :(
Vergil_117 31st July 2007, 14:08 Quote
(did a youtube search and saw it) parts of the combat system remind me of zelda (with the blocking, dogding, and rolling). Aside from that wow.
zabe 31st July 2007, 14:12 Quote
I saw the trailer the other day, gotta say it's one of the few games that actually manage to create their own atmosphere, as if your TV were really a piece of glass behind which another world existed... truly awesome.
LeMaltor 31st July 2007, 14:47 Quote
Cool video, never heard of this game before, slightly wary now they want to pull this video, will the game not be as good as its made out to be?
glaeken 31st July 2007, 15:06 Quote
I've been following this game for awhile now, and it just looks absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to play it.
will. 31st July 2007, 15:07 Quote
Anyone got the inevitable you tubery?
MonkeyNutZ 31st July 2007, 15:18 Quote
Looks nice, especially from a small developer.

Still can't beat Crysis though :)
Jack_Pepsi 31st July 2007, 16:18 Quote
Originally Posted by MonkeyNutZ
Still can't beat Crysis though :)

Hmmm... debatable. I for one will probably buy both once I make the move away from AGP. Haven't felt the need yet and games such as this and Crysis will be the reason as to why I upgrade.

Still... I keep saying I won't upgrade until AMD/nVIDIA reduce the power consumption of their cards. I like my machine to be as green as possible. :D
Akava 31st July 2007, 16:19 Quote
Just checked the vid out on the Tube.. where else.. looks pretty sweet, this is the first i have heard about this, but i very much like the idea, from what i saw it looks like a vastley updated "Thief". Can't wait for the release. ;)
CardJoe 31st July 2007, 16:36 Quote
Thief - now there was an utterly awesome game!
Akava 31st July 2007, 16:41 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Thief - now there was an utterly awesome game!

I was pleasenty suprised when i first played it after getting it free with my graphics card, very different for anything i had played until then.
CardJoe 31st July 2007, 16:59 Quote
The FMVs in Thief 1 and 2 were awesome - a brilliant mix of animation and live action with such a moody feel. I love the end of Thief 2 more than any other cutscene ever, purely because of Garrets lovely, gravelly voice.
pendragon 31st July 2007, 18:21 Quote
Theif was a great game. And this game - looks freak'n awesome! :D ::glee::
karx11erx 31st July 2007, 20:57 Quote
However gorgeous it may look - it's yet another 2.5D shooter. Who, oh who is gonna write the next Descent game with all the splendor of todays gfx hardware?
Jack_Pepsi 1st August 2007, 00:29 Quote
Good point! :P Descent was amazing, but I don't need t'tell you that. :D
Joeymac 1st August 2007, 00:42 Quote
Looks pretty cool. Games seem to be building the world in now... that's like the thing for this new generation. It's not about what the graphics are around your feet, it's seeing an f'ing big Giant or something smashing a village to bits out the corner of your eye. Very cool stuff.
[USRF]Obiwan 1st August 2007, 10:49 Quote
Its ridiculous! they requested a takedown? The bear is loose and spreading like a fire around the globe. How can they stop that?

Hahaha. Once leaked they cant stop it. Its all over video sites everywhere. Just search on for "offset gameplay". And you can watch about 40 versions...
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