Stranglehold: Short and Sandboxy

Stranglehold: Short and Sandboxy

John Woo's Stranglehold will only have twelve hours of play, but will have sandbox style level design.

Eastern cinema is a big hit in the bit-tech offices and we love everything from the Japanese Spirited Away to the Korean Oldboy, so it goes without saying that we've been keeping a close eye on Stranglehold.

Developed and published by Midway, Stranglehold is the game sequel to the Chinese bullet-ballet, Hard Boiled which was directed by John Woo and starred Chow-Yun Fat as the main character. Both director and lead actor are heavily involved in the production of the game and have given it a seal of approval.

However, the third-person shooter, which is to be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, may not be the epic we had hope for. In an interview of at Ars Technica, Jason Kaehler said that the game would only be around twelve hours long, which is a little short for a sequel to a film with a thirty minute long shoot-out as a climax.

"From our beta-testing, we anticipate around 12 hours of gameplay; each level is enormous. We are also seeing that due to the sandbox nature of our game design, there are numerous ways to play each level."

Sandbox, you say? Well, that may make up for it then.

"We have full multiplayer support for 360, PS3, and PC so that means you can continue to play the game again and again in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch with completely different experiences each time."

A multiplayer sandbox game then? Awesome to the max, even if players do need to play the games differently to get the most out of the game.

Does open-ended gameplay compensate for short overall length, or doesn't it matter if the story is strong? What would you have thought of Deus Ex if it was only half the length? Drop your thoughts in the forums.


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sandys 23rd July 2007, 11:02 Quote
Short is a bit harsh, 12 hours isn't exactly that short, about the same or more than gears, Half Life 2, Fear etc.

Game looks interesting, there are some nice hi Def videos on not sure how the Max Payne bullet time thingy is going to work in multiplayer.
Bursar 23rd July 2007, 11:12 Quote
Who cares if it's a little on the short side. Any Max Payne-alike is going to be great fun to play!
cjoyce1980 23rd July 2007, 11:17 Quote
I've been looking forward to this release. this is the first in many big releases for the 360 from the end of august (which is its release date) up towards christmas. i cant wait!

just wish the game would come sooner! i'm bored and got nothing to play till this hits the shelve!

this game reminds me of true crime LA more!
Hugo 23rd July 2007, 14:44 Quote
Seeing as Crysis is only going to be 10 hours...
Sandwich 23rd July 2007, 19:24 Quote
12 hours is pretty good... wouldn't pay $60 though. If the deathmatch was inventive then maybe $50.
DXR_13KE 24th July 2007, 00:48 Quote
bullet time WOOOOO!!!!!!! :D
mmorgue 24th July 2007, 12:22 Quote
Originally Posted by sandys
...not sure how the Max Payne bullet time thingy is going to work in multiplayer.

I figure like FEAR did -- everybody slows down by 80% whereas you only slow down by say, 30%, etc..
CardJoe 24th July 2007, 12:57 Quote
Or it just acts as a speed boost instead..
Hugo 24th July 2007, 13:20 Quote
Or they have a special motor that reduces the rate at which the earth is spinning thus actually slowing down time.

Hey, superman even made it go backwards!
themax 24th July 2007, 17:40 Quote
I thought Gears of War broke the train of thought that a short game couldn't be epic. I'm guessing Gears of War is somehow the only exception to this idea people have that every game (be it action, beat em up, shooter, or any other non RPG) needs to be 50hrs long or something.
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