Xbox 360 Elite priced for Europe?

Xbox 360 Elite priced for Europe?

European retailers are now taking pre-orders for the Xbox 360 Elite at a price of £329.99.

The Xbox 360 Elite is ready and willing to hit shelves across Europe later this year on August 24th, the same day as Bioshock conveniently. In fact, the only thing which the new and improved version of the Xbox 360 is missing is a price for the European market.

Well, it misses a price no longer - kind of.

The 360 Elite, which has a fancy new black casing, 120GB hard disk and an HDMI port, is being tentatively priced by European retailers, despite a lack of official announcement from Microsoft. The Elite is now available for pre-order from, HMV and GAME at a price of £329.99.

The improved console has been available in the US for a while now, where it is priced at $479 across the nation.

Microsoft has adamantly refused to give an official price on the Elite just yet, so the figures which the retailers are using may still be subject to change - for better or worse.

A Microsoft spokesperson has suggested that the price cited by the European shops may have originated from a leak in another region.

The price seems about right however and is near to the early indications given by Xbox Marketing execs. Steve McGill, Xbox UK Marketing Director, recently told Eurogamer that; "If you compare it to the price difference between Xbox 360 Elite and Premium in the US, you wouldn't be far off." has worked out based on this information that the projected price would be around £336 in Europe.

Will you be picking up an Xbox 360 Elite, or is the whole thing just another attempt of Bill Gates' to fleece us of our hard earned cash? Comments in the forums, if you please.


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DougEdey 19th July 2007, 11:34 Quote
I've got a 360 that looks like an Elite. I just need a 120GB HDD.
mikeuk2004 19th July 2007, 12:22 Quote
What MS need to do is to stop makeing its drive propriaty and sell the core console then anyone who wants a Hard drive can get one cheap on ebuyer or places and have the option to select what size they want for their needs.

Then I would not need a external hard drive connected to my 360 via USB with all my music, videos and pictures on.

I have not decided if £330 is expensive for the extra £100GB and a HDMI port when the premo can be bougth for £230. £100 extra for 100GB is £1 per gig and I think maybe its ok but could be cheaper.
cjoyce1980 19th July 2007, 12:53 Quote
gonna wait till the 65nm version comes to light, but i will have one!
_DTM2000_ 19th July 2007, 15:56 Quote
I won't even contemplate buying any sort of 360 until I know I can get one with the new improved CPU and GPU cores. Even then I won't get one until I know the reliability issues have been fixed. I'll also probably wait until the price is reduced more. Then and only then will I buy one, and I'll get an Elite.
devdevil85 19th July 2007, 22:49 Quote
Honestly, in the US where there's a $5 difference between the Elite and the PS3 60GB, if the price was this close come Xmas and there were actually good games and Playstation Home was actually good then I would go with the PS3.
mctigger 19th July 2007, 23:01 Quote
Originally Posted by devdevil85
Honestly, in the US where there's a $5 difference between the Elite and the PS3 60GB, if the price was this close come Xmas and there were actually good games and Playstation Home was actually good then I would go with the PS3.

Seriosuly?? only $5, PS3 would def get my attention, mainly cos it has blu-ray in it, while if u want hi-def movie's via 360 its another £120 (don't no what it is in usa) for the drive, so ps3 looks like a good buy at the moment.

For instance was in my local game store today, if i traded in my ps2 slimline, i get the ps3 with 2 sixaxis controllers, 2 games, 1 blu ray movie, and a hdmi cable for £379.99, which is a pretty good deal in mho.
DXR_13KE 20th July 2007, 01:18 Quote
it has a to high failure rate to be a viable buy.
LVMike 20th July 2007, 17:03 Quote
except. that 5 dollars is after the price drop, and only on the 60 gig, and now sony is dropping that sku for the 80 gig, which is still expensive.

I like my elite. and am glad i didn't go with a ps3 which just seams to turn into a over glorified ps2 due to the lack of games(my flat mate has one). You can only play resistance so many times....
devdevil85 20th July 2007, 17:30 Quote
/\ the "price drop" was implied, so you didn't have to explain that part of it..., and I was saying that if it was that close come this Xmas when the "presumed" pricedrop is supposed to hit for the 80GB (and games, Playstation Home and rumble debut) I would more than likely consider getting the "over glorified ps2". OMG what an ignorant thing to say. Honestly, the Elite in itself is an overly glorified 360 that doesn't offer much of anything over what the 2-year old Premium system does. The only thing the Elite has that the PS3 doesn't (and I'm currently speaking of the 60GB PS3) is the 120GB HD and a better selection of games, which to me there are only like 3 real must-haves out of the 100's of games already out and one of those is already on the PS3, and to me it makes up for that due to the full BC (in the US atleast, but that's where I'm basing my argument).
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