Lost Planet PC gets free content

Lost Planet PC gets free content

Owners fo the PC version of Lost Planet can look forward to a chunk of free content in the coming weeks.

Lost Planet; it's only been out a week or two and already owners of the PC version are getting rewarded with free content, which will be added in the form of a new patch.

Lost Planet, which we had a look at when it was released and also did a DirectX 10 vs DirectX 9 comparison on, will be getting the free update in the near future - though no clear date has been indicated yet by Capcom.

The patch coincides with the re-launch of the Xbox 360 map packs as free downloads on Xbox Live.

The PC patch will include:
  • Multiplayer tweaks
  • New multiplayer characters, including Mega Man and Dead Rising's Frank West
  • Two new camera modes, one inspired by Resident Evil 4
  • Movie mode, for watching previously unlocked cutscenes
  • Ability to see connected players in Multiplayer
  • A new set of levels, title 'PC Map Pack 1'
The patch, which Capcom calls an automatic update, will weigh in at 400MB and will more than likely download and install over Steam as soon as it is released.

With any luck the maps will be optimised for the PC version as the biggest weakness of Lost Planet was the balancing problems caused by playing a console game with a mouse and keyboard, a system which quite frankly pwns even the best analogue stick set-up.

Are you fed up of companies releasing patches to address broken games after release, or is it an acceptable part of the industry? Drop your comments below.


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will. 16th July 2007, 09:47 Quote
I'm not sure whether this is a patch to fix bugs, or to entice more people to play/buy the game. I have a suspicion that it is the latter. If they have fixed them, then I might even buy it, but no amount of extra content will persuade me to buy a flawed game.
Tim S 16th July 2007, 10:09 Quote
from reading it, I got the impression that it was the latter :)
Silver Shamrock 16th July 2007, 11:28 Quote
Excellent news. :D
[USRF]Obiwan 16th July 2007, 11:36 Quote
I Hope we now get a 'real' first person perspective instead of the zoomed cam mode
DXR_13KE 16th July 2007, 12:49 Quote
free stuff is always good :D
xion 16th July 2007, 16:37 Quote
after playing the demo, complete with "tap button B" prompts... I've never been so disappointed with a console conversion! Buggy is not the word, maybe I just got an early version from steam, but I always thought a demo was meant as a showcase for your product to entice you to buy, not for a half finished conversion which looks like it's being played on an emulator!

[/rant] ... anyhoo, it'll take a whole lotta extras to make me look twice, and tbh the game (at least on the 360) was pretty decent for a nonexistent-story-monotonous-shoot-the-monsters-weak-spot type game!
Hugo 16th July 2007, 16:43 Quote
The options menu still invites you to customise your xbox 360 controller options. Clearly your supposed to by a controller for the PC
Silver Shamrock 17th July 2007, 12:02 Quote
The update will be available on Friday 20th July. According to the Steam Forums.
completemadness 20th July 2007, 03:04 Quote
The patch, which Capcom calls an automatic update, will weigh in at 400MB and will more than likely download and install over Steam as soon as it is released.
Lost planet is a steam game ? :o
Silver Shamrock 20th July 2007, 19:11 Quote
The patch is out. Steam is updating as i type. Although very slowly
Hugo 20th July 2007, 21:16 Quote
Originally Posted by completemadness
Lost planet is a steam game ? :o

Yes indeedy it is
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