Sony modifies PS2, discusses price cut in Europe

Sony modifies PS2, discusses price cut in Europe

Theres still no official word on price cuts for the PlayStation 3 in Europe, but that's not surprising really.

Sony has been busy this week. Busy, busy bees.

Not only did Sony spend the first part of the week apologising again to The Church of England and slashing the price of PlayStation 3 (despite Sony Japan denying it), but it also managed to streamline the PlayStation 2 somewhat.

Sony has continued to support the uber-popular PlayStation 2, unlike Microsoft who promptly dropped the original Xbox in favour of the Xbox 360, and has also continued to improve on the PS2's design.

The new version of the PlayStation 2 may look the same to the previous versions, but is actually an entirely different animal and is more than a third lighter than normal apparently. The power adaptor too has been dieting, losing 100 grams in all, ending up down at 250 grams.

The new components and weight of the PlayStation 2.1, as we've chosen to christen it, should make for a cheaper console thanks to lower shipping and production costs.

Meanwhile, Kotaku has been asking Sony Europe just how long European gamers will have to wait until a price cut on the PlayStation 3. The result a bit disappointing, but entirely predictable given Sony's history in Europe;

"We have no announcement to make at this time."

Still, as Kotaku points out, the system did arrive five months later in Europe than planned, so we may just have to wait five months for a similar price cut on this side of the pond. On the other hand it may just be a surprise announcement as only hours before the American price cut, the heads of Sony were still denying any such move.

Annoyed at the lack of European price cuts, or is that frustration balanced out by the PS2 improvements? Let us know what you think in our community discussion forums.


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Omnituens 9th July 2007, 12:54 Quote
Lies, sony hates europeans.

also, even after a price cut, the PS3 is missing 1 critical function for me; Multi-region PS2 support. If it had that, I would be ALOT happier about spending my hard-earned cash on it.
<A88> 9th July 2007, 14:38 Quote
Surely it should be the playstation 2.2 owing to the fact that it's the 3rd revision?
The PS3 is still an overprices games console. Regardless of how much you get for your £400, they're never going to sell well enough until they're within £50 of the 360- a console that can be had with 2 controllers and 2 games for £250 atm. The PS2 does interest me a little bit- I've got an Xbox but would never turn down an addition to the console line up. Just a shame that the slim PS2 is £90 at work (with the 'original' being £40).

Veles 9th July 2007, 14:58 Quote
Amon 9th July 2007, 15:08 Quote
Originally Posted by Veles
Because Sony Playstation 2 games have been outselling even the Xbox360 for more than a year.
mikeuk2004 9th July 2007, 16:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Amon
Because Sony Playstation 2 games have been outselling even the Xbox360 for more than a year.

Also the Playstation2 console has been out selling the Xbox 360 console. :)

Smaller and lighter Ps2 makes it an even better choice for cars. Should slid nicely in the pouch on the back of any car seat and still have leg room :)

PS2 is still selling strong and making a S**T load of cash with its console sales and games sales.
completemadness 9th July 2007, 16:41 Quote
well actually

the latest information i could find shows we are up to the v15 PS2
V1 - 11 were the old fat PS2
V12 - 15 are the new slim PS2's

however i couldn't find out if the v15 is the newer lighter model or not

however the v15 does have a new
  • Optical Block
  • Bios
  • DVD controller

I also couldn't see any mention of a new PS2 version on my usual PS2 forums :|
mattthegamer463 9th July 2007, 17:03 Quote
Lighter PS2. Remind me, who cares?

If it was a PSP weight revision, then it would be something more akin to news, but its a console that sits there on the floor for weeks at a time without being moved. A lighter PS2 just makes it easier to pull off the top of your TV rack and break on the floor.
completemadness 9th July 2007, 17:09 Quote
actually the PsTwo has lots of portability stuff, battery packs and screens, so that it is possible to use them on the go (usually in cars and stuff) so it probably is of interest for a few people
Though I'm guessing bit tech reported it because it shows Sony are still supporting the console
Bladestorm 9th July 2007, 18:01 Quote
If I'm not mistaken, the japanese PS3 should still be a nudge cheaper than the U.S. one, since one of ken katuragi's boops that got him promoted out of his playstation job was reportedly dropping the launch price in japan by 20% more than the company agreed price without telling the higher ups, the U.S. price drop would have to be $120 to match that ? so its doubtfull the japanese version will see a cut for the moment and thus the japanese bosses wouldn't be lieing if they were talking about no cut, or thats my theory anyway.

On the subject of the EU/UK, if we add UK V.A.T. to $500 we get a little under $590, if they leave it at the current equivalent raw $800 ($680 if we peel off tax) it will rather take the mickey.
xion 9th July 2007, 18:05 Quote
call me an optimist, but a lighter PS2 should be good news to all those who like the sound of cheaper entry level gaming. Reduced weight, means cheaper shipping, more integrated and fewer components, reducing manufacturing costs, we can only hope this gets passed on to the end user, how many people must there be out of reach of the prohibitively expensive next gen consoles? and all for a system that's still a top seller 7 years after launch, that in itself is pretty impressive. (and I'm the one normally associating Sony with Satan!)
The_Beast 9th July 2007, 22:51 Quote
I hope the end user sees the price drop
mmorgue 10th July 2007, 09:18 Quote
Would love to see a price cut on the PS3 here but I cannot see them doing it just yet. Based on the extortionate amount we pay compared to the US, I figure we're paying for the lost revenue Sony is losing on the consoles. In Sony's mind, why cut he cost now? Prolly not till before Xmas...
Flibblebot 10th July 2007, 12:16 Quote
Apparently, news on a European price drop on Thursday:
Originally Posted by AVZombie
Second PS3 price cut announced
A second PlayStation 3 price cut has been announced, this time for Canada. Sony has instructed Canadian retailers to cut the price of the 60GB PlayStation 3 to 549 Canadian dollars. A UK price revision is expected to be announced Thursday, a move confirmed by the Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment in Australia, Michael Ephraim. He says that an announcement relating to all PAL markets will be made, with some pundits predicting a 17 per cent price cut.
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