Edge announces 'Top 100 Games'

Edge announces 'Top 100 Games'

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is listed again as Edge's best game ever.

It must be that time of year again when Edge magazine announces its Top 100 Videogames ever and expects everybody to care and act surprised.

The line-up for the top ten hasn't changed much recently, with only one recent addition and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time retaining the top-slot. Still, it, if nothing else it is interesting as a talking point - so gather around the watercooler with fellow geeks and discuss the top ten line-up below.

  1. The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (N64)
  2. Resident Evil 4 (Multi)
  3. Super Mario 64 (N64)
  4. Half-Life 2 (PC, Xbox)
  5. Super Mario World (SNES)
  6. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
  7. Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox, PC)
  8. Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
  9. Tetris (Multi)
  10. Super Metroid (SNES)

According to Edge (via Kotaku), the list was based on readers votes and feedback from developers, as well as personal opinions.

The full list of the top hundred games will be released in a 260-page magazine which will hit the shelves tomorrow.

Personally, we'd have to disagree with some of those titles in the list. Halo in particular may have a lot of fanboys, but just doesn't rise above Deus Ex, System Shock 2 or Planescape: Torment / Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn in our books - but then maybe we need to play something which isn't an RPG every once in a while.

Care to discuss the list, or to suggest alternative entries? Then get into the community forums and start letting us know!


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DougEdey 3rd July 2007, 15:33 Quote
I think that in all the Edge polls since Zelda was released, it's come top.
Veles 3rd July 2007, 15:50 Quote
I don't know why, it's an awful game, yeah, good in it's time, I really enjoyed playing it, but I played it again recently, it hasn't aged well. There are plenty of games better than OOT.

I wouldn't rate any of those games as the best.
Amon 3rd July 2007, 15:57 Quote
I voted for Tetris nonchalantly. I agree about Halo--it isn't better than the classics. There is a remarkable lacking of PC titles on the list as well. Quite skewed as well when older games such as Goldeneye 64 and Baldur's Gate is missing. But the publishers at EDGE are evidently too young to recognize a good, fun game even if it hit them in the face.
Jamie 3rd July 2007, 16:18 Quote
Zelda, OOT is obviously the best. What puzzles me is how HL2 managed to make it into the top 5 but HL1 was a no show.
Baz 3rd July 2007, 16:25 Quote
where's final fantasy7 - probably the best RPG ever?

and resident evil 4 was RUBBISH! how is it second!? It wasnt even as good at the 2nd one.
yakyb 3rd July 2007, 16:30 Quote
i honestly dont understand how any game other than doom could be number 1 considering the technology limitations at the time

FFXII i do have it but havnt played it yet maybe i should!
but ocarina of time give me a break
Dr. Strangelove 3rd July 2007, 16:34 Quote
Not that I'm a fan, never played WoW. But does the millions of people who play WoW not matter? or does that exactly mean that it should not be on a list here?

Anyway everyone knows that the best game ever was/is Digger
Buzzons 3rd July 2007, 16:35 Quote
What about GoldenEye, one of the best FPS there is! :p
specofdust 3rd July 2007, 16:37 Quote
Halo? HALO!?! What is that bullcrap? Even rabid fans of that piece of junk shooter should be prepared to admit that it's at best a decent shooter, and certainly nowhere near the best game of all time. Sticking HL2 in there is a pisstake too, HL1 was far far better if you compare them relative to what else was out at the time. Voted Card Joe was right simply because for me it has to be either Morrowind or Deus Ex.
dragontail 3rd July 2007, 16:46 Quote
Agree with specofdust to an extent. Morrowind was an inventive masterpiece, but had too many flaws to a "best 100 games ever". It's successor, Oblivion, is damned close to what I would call gaming perfection. So for me, Oblivion or HL1.
Fod 3rd July 2007, 16:56 Quote
it's out today, btw - i am staring at it at the moment. the 'out tomorrow' on their website was on a message posted... yesterday. come on! journalistic integrity and all that!!
plug_in_ross 3rd July 2007, 17:00 Quote
It'll be interesting to see the entire list. Can someone buy Edge and type it all up? I have no money.

Personally, I would have put Metal Gear Solid, Goldeneye, Final Fantasy VII, and Streets of Rage up in the top ten.

Yes, Streets of Rage pwns you all.
teamtd11 3rd July 2007, 17:06 Quote
Super mario world. The main reason been the memory of playing it, when we used to run home from school, put our homework to one side and sit and play it for the rest of the day :D

Its sad not to see goldeneye or FFVII in the top 10.
knuck 3rd July 2007, 17:08 Quote
nice list but I wouldnt put resident evil there... but it's just me

Megaman III should be on that list, if only for its music :)
mashles 3rd July 2007, 17:16 Quote
Best single player: Metal Gear Solid
Best Multiplayer: Diablo 2
Best FPS: Quake 3

Really not a zelda fan in any way, but I can understand it being in the top 10. Halo and Resident Evil however shouldnt even make top 50 imo
Faulk_Wulf 3rd July 2007, 17:16 Quote
No Order:
Final Fantasy 7, Half Life 1, GoldenEye, Mario 3, Metal Gear Solid, Doom (people still play the original!), Sonic, Street Fighting II, Resident Evil 2

(That's 9. The tenth slot I'll give to Zelda. I've never played it, but some Zelda game always makes it on the "greatest games ever" list.)

(Also, shouldn't EverQuest or WoW be on there? I'm not a fan of WoW, I find the graphics childish and boring, but there are a few MILLION people that would argue that with me. (However, I'll still be playing GuildWars and Lineage II.))

(I think it should be based on originality and genre defining. To that extent, maybe GTA: III should be on there?)

PS - Mega Man should be in there some where... I never said a Top10 was easy to make accurately. XD
DougEdey 3rd July 2007, 17:59 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Zelda, OOT is obviously the best. What puzzles me is how HL2 managed to make it into the top 5 but HL1 was a no show.
Mankz 3rd July 2007, 18:09 Quote
Sorry, HL1 should be higher than HL2, and I think Final Fantasy XII should be higher up there, as it is bl00ming brilliant.
yodasarmpit 3rd July 2007, 18:12 Quote
What, no Elite for the BBC Micro ?????
Icecoldbagey 3rd July 2007, 18:15 Quote
GTA series should be there somewhere considering how much its revolutionised gaming.
Hiren 3rd July 2007, 18:17 Quote
It's all about minesweeper tbh
Amon 3rd July 2007, 18:19 Quote
I think we can all agree this list is asssh**.
Bluephoenix 3rd July 2007, 19:15 Quote
I personally think that zelda is right if taken as the entire series, and that half-life as a series belongs up there.

I think the more important question rather than the top 100 games is which series have had the best development and continuation (Zelda, HL, Halo, Final Fantasy)

yes, I did just stick my neck out for it to get chopped off
Veles 3rd July 2007, 19:19 Quote
WoW should definitely not be there, MMO's aren't good games, they're jobs you pay to do.
knuck 3rd July 2007, 19:19 Quote
yeah a seriies top 25 would be better

in no particular order:
gran turismo
mario games
final fantasy (not a fan but i cant deny it)
metal gear

after all it's kinda stupid to make such a list because it's so obvious
drakanious 3rd July 2007, 19:27 Quote
Diablo II (reiterating that for someone), Total Annihilation, Age of Empires II, Homeworld, Unreal Tournament
Amon 3rd July 2007, 19:34 Quote
Originally Posted by drakanious
Lovely! I'm glad such a classic gem didn't slip under someone else's good-game-detecting radar.
Flibblebot 3rd July 2007, 19:44 Quote
I'm disappointed that the Commodore 64 classics Space Taxi ("Hey, taxi!") or Pacacuda (think Pacman with Mick Jagger lips) didn't make the list. Shameful, really.

Halo really shouldn't be there - it may have been one of the Xbox's best games, but it was a FPS, nothing more. It brought nothing to the genre.
Major 3rd July 2007, 20:46 Quote
Ever heard of Goldeneye, GTA, Metal Gear Solid?

Please, whoever made that list is talking out of their arse.
Neogumbercules 3rd July 2007, 20:49 Quote
That list sucks. I won't argue with OoT but just about everything else makes no sense at all.
Amon 3rd July 2007, 21:10 Quote
I propose that bit-tech compiles a functional Top 10 Games list of its own based on community input. Evidently, the educated users here can recognize a well-deserving good game much better than most publications--real gamers are here, not editors.
DougEdey 3rd July 2007, 21:30 Quote
Originally Posted by MajorGN

Please, whoever made that list is talking out of their arse.

So that would be every single reader of Edge? To be honest, Edge has such a widespread readership from young people to seasoned games developers and players that I think this is a fairly good representation of current trends
specofdust 3rd July 2007, 21:35 Quote
Britney Spears is one of the highest selling music artists of the last 20 years. It doesn't make her good, it just shows that most people have crap taste. Likewise, the selections here do not show what is good, they simply show what people with poor taste chose.
DriftCarl 4th July 2007, 00:34 Quote
resident evil 4?

wasnt that the game on PC which had the worst mouse support ever in a game. even the ingame manual wasnt converted to PC, it still had the consol buttons in it.
Tomm 4th July 2007, 01:06 Quote
I do agree with most of what's in the top10. Ocarina of Time was an amazing game, just miles ahead of anything else out at the time. But as people have mentioned, it's really missing Goldeneye and Grand Theft Auto (I think I would choose Vice City).
Major 4th July 2007, 01:17 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey
So that would be every single reader of Edge? To be honest, Edge has such a widespread readership from young people to seasoned games developers and players that I think this is a fairly good representation of current trends

The list is ridiculous, No Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, How Halo can beat any of the 4 games I have just listed is just lol. Maybe the list is "Highest selling game", but "Best Game".... please.
Indybird 4th July 2007, 01:18 Quote
Being the huge Halo-fanboy I am, even I have to say that doesn't belong on the list. Now if it said the Halo Trilogy, thats a different thing: H1+H2+H3=Pure awesomeness. But my top ten, here I go:

Halo Trilogy
Diablo II
Age of Empires II (Kings & Conquerors)
Half-Life 1
Half-Life 2
Ocarina of Time
Counterstrike Source
Call of Duty 2
Unreal Tournament 2004

Its not in order, I just couldn't figure out what to put where...
automagsrock 4th July 2007, 02:56 Quote
Halo 3 isn't even out yet and to me the MP beta sucked.

I am upset that SM64 wasn't number one. It was by far one of the best platformers ever. It'd been named number one in many other publications and yet OoT (which I love don't get me wrong) beat it out. OoT, while being a huge game and having (At the time) fantastic graphics, simply wouldn't have been without SM64 as they are both based off the same graphics engine.

Also, being an RPG player I am rather irked by the lack of FF7 or even any of the DQ games seeing as how DQ sells more games in one week then most games do over their entire lifespan in japan...
chrisb2e9 4th July 2007, 05:03 Quote
Star control 2? anyone else? :(
wafflesomd 4th July 2007, 06:24 Quote
Goldeneye is a must.
Jamie 4th July 2007, 08:20 Quote
It's interesting that Edges top 10 has so many Nintendo games.

Goldeneye was a fun game but it was by no means one of the best ever.
DougEdey 4th July 2007, 08:23 Quote
It was one of the most revolutionary, but FPS games on consoles have evolved so much since then that it's no longer playable to me as it used to be.

EDGE did a survey before on what were the most influential games and Super Mario 64 and Goldeneye came top.
Iago 4th July 2007, 08:52 Quote
Anybody that puts a game like Crackdown in that list, leaving Planescape:Torment, Baldur's Gate and Tie Fighter (for god's's TIE of the best games ever) out it's either retarded or 14 years old.
CardJoe 4th July 2007, 09:06 Quote
Top games, in no order?

Planescape: Torment (So interesting and deep)
Fallout 2 (still playing this atm)
The Secret of Monkey Island 2 (MADE me a gamer)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (I love the overall ambience and art direction, despite flaws)
Deus Ex (Has to be)
System Shock 2 (Same as Deus Ex)
Thief: The Dark Project (or The Metal Age, hard to call)
Beyond Good and Evil (Flawed, but with fantastic story-telling)
Grim Fandango (Awesome!)
Tony Hawks Underground 2 (Great party game)
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Just to include a portable title)
Half-Life 2 (More varied gameplay than the first, despite the better story of the first)

There are more games, but this is off the top of my head. If I were going to put a Zelda title in then it'd be Wind Waker, though to be honest I never really saw what people loved so much about the Zelda series. It doesn't do anything fantastic, just does every kinda well - but although I never got into OOT, I'd acknowledge it's place probably.
DougEdey 4th July 2007, 09:08 Quote
Joe: Your list is all PC games.
dullonien 4th July 2007, 09:40 Quote
Zelda OoT is deffinately the best game ever made, it was a masterpiece in every way. (next game to get on virtual console in my Wii)
I think Super Mario 64 should be second, it revolutionised 3D gaming! (been replaying it on my Wii, I love virtual console).
Goldeneye is then in 3rd place for me, and when I can I still give it a play, I do. That or Perfect Dark with multilpayer bots. (please let them release it on VC)

Showing that I played a hell of a lot of the N64 through my teenage yrs.

Sonic, Pacman, Daus Ex, FFVII (never liked it, but knew so many who swore by it), Gran Turistmo, Grand theft auto (proberly 3 or Vice City), Half Life, Cannon Fodder? Steets of Rage

Can't see how Resident Evil 4 is there (might get it for the Wii though). Halo!! fine it sold the most, but it doesn't deserve to be there.
CardJoe 4th July 2007, 09:44 Quote
Doug, I'm a predominantly PC gamer out of preference - though they aren't all. If I had to choose a platform for them then I'd have POP: SOT on Xbox (better controls and unlockables) and Beyond Good and Evil on Gamecube (better controls). Castlevania is also a DS title and THUG 2 is an Xbox game. Wind Waker / OOT is a N64/Gamecube game too.

I think if I ever got round to playing Dead Rising then that'd be on the list too.

Oh, I'd also have Tomb Raider: Legends for the 360 too. Lara looks better on a big screen
Jamie 4th July 2007, 09:54 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe

Half-Life 2 (More varied gameplay than the first, despite the better story of the first)

There are more games, but this is off the top of my head. If I were going to put a Zelda title in then it'd be Wind Waker, though to be honest I never really saw what people loved so much about the Zelda series. It doesn't do anything fantastic, just does every kinda well - but although I never got into OOT, I'd acknowledge it's place probably.

Your reason for liking HL2 is my reason for hating it. I never felt like there was enough of the walking through corridors shooting at things around the corners. The airboat and the buggy just destroyed the playability of the game, I just want to run around shooting things, If I want to drive a buggy I'll go out and buy a game that offers that. Taking away all my weapons and leaving me with a dire gravity gun, where is the fun in that. Giving you an awesome gravity gun for 30 seconds, wonderful.

OOT is one of those games you can play all the way through several times and enjoy it just as much on each run. Everything in the game works well, the environment means you need to work out where you need to go next and how to get there. Dungeons are a bit more linear with but the puzzles are fun. I think the best moment in the game is when you finally leave Kokiri Village and discover Hirule field. The game was just massive (compared to others). I haven't played another game that's made me go 'OMG' in the same way.

The problem with Wind Waker was that it really didn't flow because of the King of the Red Lions and having to travel from place to place. I don't feel like going back and playing it through again.

Majora's mask was a mistake, don't ever bother with it.
DougEdey 4th July 2007, 10:02 Quote
Originally Posted by Jamie
Hirule field.

I think you were playing a Engrish version ;) It's Hyrule!
heir flick 4th July 2007, 11:36 Quote
surely tomb raider should be there along with mario kart also
mikeuk2004 4th July 2007, 11:45 Quote
I disagree with the entire list. I have played all those games and the only game I still have is HL2. It does not mean that I think HL2 should be on there, I just still have it because I have not played more than 20 mins into the game yet as I dont have time and always play CSS. The rest are just poor games and are not al;l time greats.

Can someone tell me where Ping Pong is????? Wheres the taste gone :p
serial_ 4th July 2007, 12:16 Quote
This is MADNESS! (lol)

I can't believe Street Fighter II isn't on there - how many teenagers turned thumbs, fingers, or even palms purple playing that game? Absolute best arcade-style fighter ever. Mortal Kombat with a close second.

I would swap the positions of Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past.

I agree that GoldenEye belongs up there. Best FPS ever, no question! It's only because of GoldenEye that i'm comfortable using a sniper rifle un-scoped in Counter-Strike.

I do agree that there should be an MMO in there, but it is neither EQ or WoW... It's Ultima Online. Best MMO ever! Before the genre turned into a gigantic time sink.

I also see a severe lacking of RTS up there. StarCraft much? It only happens to be the official sport of South Korea...

Shitty list imo. Needs help on a chromosomal level.
SyxPak 4th July 2007, 14:59 Quote
Cannon Fodder
Super Monkey Ball [series]
to name but a few.

FFVII is a load of scrotal fungus.
FooTemps 4th July 2007, 18:49 Quote
well that is definitely a crappy list...

no good pc gaming classics

my hybrid (both console and pc) list with no particular order

Fallout 2
System Shock 2
Diablo 2
Super Mario 64
Zelda OoT
Goldeneye 64
Mario Kart

... I don't think I can really pick and choose, I'd just say 100 best games no particular if I were to make a list...
automagsrock 6th July 2007, 02:39 Quote
To be quite honest I feel it's actually impossible to have a "Top 10" and have a certain game in the #1 spot. Everyone has a different opinion of what games rule and what games aren't that great.

While I believe SM64 should be at the top a lot of people will disagree. This is why I hate top 10 lists. No one is ever happy
Silent_b0b 20th July 2007, 04:53 Quote
OOT, RE4, and halo were all very good games and what you think should be on the top 10 list is completely your opinion since every person has different prefrences on games.
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