Fallout 3 details!

Fallout 3 details!

Fallout 3 will use a first-person viewpoint, but will still feature turn-based combat.

Fallout 3 has been a hazardous project for Bethesda, maker of The Elder Scrolls series, to tackle. Fanboys for the classic turn-based RPG have constantly stood in its way and insisted that it would be impossible to create a modern sequel to Fallout 2 - especially since Bethesda would be using a first-person perspective instead of the traditional isometric viewpoint.

Well, those fanboys can now shut up once and for all.

Between the new teaser trailer and the new screenshots and details covered in a recent article in Game Informer magazine, it seems like Bethesda has hit the nail right on the head in its interpretation of the Fallout series.

New information reveals that the game, which will run on an updated Oblivion engine, will definitely be a first person title but will also use a third person camera much like Oblivion did. While combat will take place in real time, for those who like frentic action, gamers can use the Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S) to switch to a turn-based combat mode and aim at specific body parts, each of which have different damage types and hit-chances, just like the original Fallout games.

The game is also confirmed to take place in Washington D.C., in the year 2277. The game world will be slightly smaller than that in Oblivion.

Ron Perlman, who first introduced Fallout with the genre-defining line; "War. War never changes.", will reprise his role as the narrator, while Liam Neeson will voice the players father.

The game is also definitely going to feature the S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats system from the original games which allows players to guide development of their character over time through the addition of perks and optional traits. The Karma system will also be re-introduced so that NPCs can react to players based on their previous actions.

Fallout 3 is said to keep the gritty, mature feel of the series intact and players will start the game by being born inside a vault and customising themselves through a series of medical tests in the introduction. The game will not feature the scaling system that provoked controversy in Oblivion.

All in all, the game's shaping up to look like a real treat then, with something for everybody - as long as they like gory, gritty post-apocalyptic gaming.

If you're still sceptical about how the game will shape up, of if you want to apologise and recant previous cynicisms, then get to the forums and let us know!


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Nature 18th June 2007, 13:18 Quote
Heefs of goulosh! Honestly...
g3n3tiX 18th June 2007, 14:29 Quote
really good read, looks promising, even though I'm not convinced by the graphic style of the mutant depicted.
A good reason to wait to invest in a spankin' computer !
Zurechial 18th June 2007, 15:05 Quote

There's a lot of puerile hate being directed at Bethesda's work on FO3, a lot of fanboys having too much fun bashing Beth to actually consider the facts and realise that Beth are actually producing something more accurately 'Fallout' than the fanboys' misconceived notions of what the game should be.

I had my doubts as to whether Bethesda could pull this one off or not and I felt all along that it wouldn't be a worthy successor to Fallout/Fallout 2, yet still a great game, but now my fears have been allayed after looking at that article and I get the feeling it'll be BOTH a great game and a worthy successor to FO/FO2.

Hopefully Bethesda don't prove me wrong by doing silly things in areas not covered by that article, but I get the feeling they won't.
Veles 18th June 2007, 15:59 Quote
Now I'm really looking forward to this, was a bit dubious to begin with when Bethesda were picking this up after the shocking mess they made of Oblivion, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, they have made some great games in the past, and I hope they do well with this one.
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