Project Gotham Racing 4 details

Project Gotham Racing 4 details

Project Gotham Racing 4 is shaping up to be very beautiful from the look of these new screenshots.

Project Gotham Racing 4 is one of the most anticipated Xbox 360 games for most bonnet-buddies out there, and it may be the game which could replace Forza 2 for the car-aholics in the office. We were extremely pleased then when Microsoft Game Studios let loose a few new screenshots and a handful of details about the upcoming game, including car lists.

The game is set to feature a set of what Microsoft calls "the world's most iconic cars", including the '62 Ferrari 250 GTO, the '78 Lamborghini Countach LP400, '98 Subaru Impreza 22B STi and the '07 Lotus GT3RR.

Sounds like we'll have some pretty little nippers at our disposal then.

Microsoft also mentions that the game will throw a new dynamic weather system into the action with realistic physics effect caused by snow and rain.

Location-wise, confirmed tracks include the iconic Nurburgring in Germany, and the streets of North Quebec and St Petersburg. The game will feature another additional seven locations, for a total of ten playable areas in the final game, though we'll have to wait until next month for a peek at all of them.

In the mean time, we've got a collection of some of the hottest screenshots from the game which really show off how beautiful the new weather system is shaping up to be.

If you want to check out the game in motion, you can check out the videos here.

If you've got a hankering for more PGR 4, or if you're one of the few that thinks the game could still disappoint, then let us know in the forums.

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The_Pope 15th June 2007, 16:17 Quote
CardJoe 15th June 2007, 16:22 Quote
for speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed?
Jamie 15th June 2007, 16:29 Quote
Ooh yeah finally :D

Looking forward to bashing the 599 around the track.
Spacecowboy92 15th June 2007, 16:33 Quote
Weather looks great, and so does everything else.
Amon 15th June 2007, 17:02 Quote
Where the hell are they racing? The Amazon? What's with the rain? Wet race conditions only works in two places: the Nordschleife and the U.K. Anywhere else and it gives the vibe of a car TV spot that emphasizes on "super-traction control all-wheel drive computer" or some other dubiously-named driving aid.

You may notice now that I'm not very big on the PGR franchise. It's still a solid, fun game, but hardly near the greatness that people dress it in. I personally don't enjoy the obscene traction involved in its frustrating arcade-esque driving mechanics (why include rain in the sequel, then?), but the excitement of ripping through city streets in exotics (especially in my beloved 280ps Japanese pseudo-exotics) can't be denied.
devdevil85 15th June 2007, 18:23 Quote
Looks sweet to me.....PGR3 was fun, but very hard, especially on this one track, in Hard Mode, that you have to race for like 10 minutes or so and every time I missed by like 1-2 seconds everytime. All in all, a good game with sweet graphics and good physics.....
knyghtryda 15th June 2007, 19:02 Quote
All I can say is can the motion blur and add some AA... that combination of rain + glass + reflections means aliasing galore.
DXR_13KE 15th June 2007, 22:37 Quote
looks nice :D
completemadness 15th June 2007, 22:55 Quote
i was about to ask if this was 360 exclusive, until i read "Microsoft Game Studios"
mikeuk2004 16th June 2007, 00:53 Quote
I bought PGR2 and I Have PGR3 on 360 but I never played PGR1.

I love racing games but I just dont seem to love PGR and dont no why. I get bored with PGR and so far with PGR3 I only done about 8 races after owning it for 6-7 months. I will probably buy PGR4 as I just seem to keep giving PGR a chance.

Oh well, its one of those games you buy when you bored but not complete or play seriously.
samkiller42 16th June 2007, 11:54 Quote
This game looks HOT :D
Iconic cars hey? How about adding a Bugatti Veyron to the list ;)
From my understanding another confirmed car is the Mini Copper.

Stickeh 16th June 2007, 14:22 Quote
Originally Posted by samkiller42

From my understanding another confirmed car is the Mini Copper.


As in the original mini????

id buy it straaight away just for that!!
Speedo 17th June 2007, 01:57 Quote
Please drop the silly code challenges from the single player game, I'd try and get Platinum on PGR3 if it wasn't for those :(.
SNIPERMikeUK 17th June 2007, 11:51 Quote
I have played these games since it's first outing on the dreamcast when it was called MSR (Metropolis Street Racer). It was a gr8 game then as it is now.

Currently loving the Forza Motorsport2 scene, as I have played PGR3 to death, still gonna get this though. PGR & Forza are two different things and both have a place on the 360......Coolest mini game ever was born in PGR2+3......Geometry Wars+Evolved NUFF SAID......Cone challenges are my favourite.
knuck 18th June 2007, 00:36 Quote
PGR is from MRS ? Cool... Then I guess I can say I have played one of the PGR game :D
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