PS3: No orcs allowed!

PS3: No orcs allowed!

No orcs, no stormtroopers and no cosplayers. Home for the PS3 will only allow realistic avatars.

The PS3 online virtual community, called Home, has often been compared to a console version of Second Life but Sony is clear that it wants to take it in a different direction to the oddity-filled PC game.

Peter Edwards, the executive producer for Home, spoke recently to the Official PlayStation Magazine about what will and won't be allowed in the PS3's virtual hub.

He focuses mainly on the issue of player avatars, clearly saying that having crazy, non-human avatars is "Not the Home ethic".

"If everyone's walking around dressed as orcs or stormtroopers or whatever, then you lose that welcoming, accessible element that means Mum, Dad and your sister might get involved as well. The idea is to keep it as accessible, mainstream and friendly as possible."

So, no cosplay and no gargantuan death machines for the PS3 then, it's strictly a jeans and t-shirt situation apparently.

It's hard to know how we feel about this. On the one hand there's little point in having an online community that can't fully express itself on an individual scale, but on the other hand maybe too many naked, blue-skinned gorrilas running around really do spoil things in the end.

It'll be interesting to see where exactly Sony draws the line about what is and isn't outlandish and how the community will be moderated to ensure it stays in accordance to the rules. We're of the opinion though that it'll be the attitude displayed by the community that may end up scaring mums and dads away - not the fact that somebody has decided to dress up as a goblin from Lord of The Rings for the afternoon.

Have you tried Home out at all and if so what did you think? How do you feel about censorship and moderation in virtual communities? Let us know in the usual place.


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g3n3tiX 6th June 2007, 12:49 Quote
Say, the Mii can't be stormtroopers either....^^ so I gues they're following nintedo's way.
CardJoe 6th June 2007, 12:57 Quote
Mii isn't an online virtual world either...
g3n3tiX 6th June 2007, 13:13 Quote
you're right, but they can access your friend's consoles. What about Second life ? Are there orcs and stuff ?
Bluephoenix 6th June 2007, 13:42 Quote
Originally Posted by g3n3tiX
you're right, but they can access your friend's consoles. What about Second life ? Are there orcs and stuff ?

that, and just about anything else you or someone else can think of. Personally I think its quite interesting how we choose to be something completely different from ourselves given the choice, maybe its just the last vestiges of the kid in all of us. :)

but given the nature of some of the stuff in second life I think sony was right in this instance.
DXR_13KE 6th June 2007, 14:31 Quote
that is no fun.....
airchie 6th June 2007, 14:51 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe

Peter Edwards, executive producer for Home on the PS3, lets the world now that Home will be just like the real world.

Slight typo highlighted above... :)
CardJoe 6th June 2007, 16:03 Quote
Typo fixed!
breakspirit 7th June 2007, 05:42 Quote
as long as the people on Home aren't as bad as the insane maniacs on Second Life, I'll likely enjoy it. Those people on Second Life are barely human. I'm not talking about in-game, either. They can't possibly be human beings in real life with the crap they do there.
Sparrowhawk 7th June 2007, 22:42 Quote
*yawn* Once again, Sony takes an outlet for some creative tinkering, and promptly locks it down to the point of being utterly boring.
GoodBytes 8th June 2007, 21:24 Quote
Is it just me or Sony PS3 Home is a replica of Animal Crossing on GameCube... just with the in-game advertising.
DXR_13KE 8th June 2007, 22:53 Quote
Originally Posted by GoodBytes
just without the in-game advertising.

for now......
GoodBytes 9th June 2007, 00:01 Quote
no I mean Animal crossing DID NOT have in-game-advertising.
Sorry I meant "with" instead of "without"
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