Leisure Suit Larry 20th Anniversary

Leisure Suit Larry 20th Anniversary

The latest Leisure Suit Larry game, Magna Cum Laude, was the biggest flop of Larry's 20 year run.

Adventure games were the hook that dragged many gamers deep into the geek lifestyle, with characters like Guybrush Threepwood from The Secret of Monkey Island and King Graham from King's Quest being the most fondly remembered. However, no list of gaming greats would be complete without at least a mention of Larry Laffer, the star of the naughty Leisure Suit Larry series.

Celebrating his twentieth birthday today, the main character of Leisure Suit Larry was a short and sleazy lounge lizard forever on a quest to 'sow his seed'. Originally thought up by Al Lowe for Sierra Entertainment, Larry starred in a total of twelve games including a casino spin-off and a few mobile adaptations.

Al Lowe took the time yesterday to talk about Larry in his daily joke email list:

"Today is the 20th anniversary of Leisure Suit Larry. On June 4th, 1987, LSL1: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards shipped the lowest sales of any game in the history of Sierra! A year later, Larry was in the Top 10 and soon after that was number one. So lift a glass with me to my dear departed friend, Mr. Laffer! Together we had one hell of a decade of great times."

To this day the Leisure Suit Larry compilation packs remain sought after items for many collectors, with the Leisure Suit Larry Ultimate Pleasure Pack reportedly selling on eBay for over $150.

The Leisure Suit Larry Collection released by Vivendi is equally well known among hardcore adventure game fans for demonstrating how fear of bad ESRB ratings can alter a game. The VU collection of the series cuts out all of Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail!, reportedly because the marketing department were worried about a five second long cartoon nude scene in the game finale.

Despite being told how to remove the scene, VU were apparently still worried about the effect the hidden code may have on the rating and opted to remove the game from the collection entirely.

Will you be raising a glass to Larry's memory, or are you more of a Police Quest fan? Do games like Leisure Suit Larry have a negative effect on games as a whole, or should their topics be encouraged? Hit the forums, drop us your answers.


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riggs 5th June 2007, 12:15 Quote
Played a few of them...the original was pretty good (both the Amiga and the VGA PC remake), never really got on with 2 & 3 though. From what I remember, 5 was ok, but 6 was the best in the series imo.
Never played 'Love for Sail' either (couldn't get it working under XP), & Magna Cum Laude seemed pretty crappy tbh - blatently designed for consoles.

Anyone ever play the text-based 'Softporn'? iirc, the original LSL was based on it...

I'm not a perv...honest! Just a fan of LSL

btw, "Ken sent me"
[WP@]WOLVERINE 5th June 2007, 13:18 Quote
Come on, please let this useless character and his utterly useless games disapear in to oblivion and let us all forget all about them and concentrate on games that are actually worth playing.


Did i say that i hate Larry and all his horrid games?
CardJoe 5th June 2007, 13:49 Quote
Admittedly, Larry gets pwned by Guybrush. But then again, everyone does.
yakyb 5th June 2007, 13:58 Quote
wow 20 years

i'll raise my glass.
LSL3 spent ages on that trying to figure out how to get the code for the locker (look on the back of the card Doh!!!)

the first 5 (1,2,3,,5,6) were excelent games not going to comment on the last one (all puzzle solving was removed for a crappy dialogue game)

happy b'day Larry keep on swinging
Redbeaver 5th June 2007, 14:06 Quote
Here's for Larry!!! *toast!*

how time flies :)
Lord_A 5th June 2007, 19:47 Quote
20 years?!! Wow how time flies, I'll raise a glass to the 'ol Larry :)

PS: Monkey Island, Kings Quest, Larry...but what about Space Quest!!! That series was just awesome, also Police Quest although I didn't really like that one.
ahhhh the memories, I still have most of those games on 5'25 floppy discs
[USRF]Obiwan 6th June 2007, 11:39 Quote
Spacequest forever!
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