Defcon and Uplink released in a box

Defcon and Uplink released in a box

Defcon and Uplink will soon be seeing a boxed release after thier success selling on Steam.

Introversion Software, the cool indie developer behind Uplink, Defcon and Darwinia, has announced that it will be releasing a boxed copy of the global thermo-nuclear war simulation game, Defcon.

The game will see a boxed release on 15th of June and cost around £20. Value for money is assured though, as the game will come packaged with Introversion's first title, Uplink.

Defcon is an online multiplayer strategy game that was a massive success when originally released on Steam a while back. The game is the third and most recent title from the tiny British developers and really highlights the futility of a nuclear war, especially in the wonderfully macabre motto; "Everybody dies."

Uplink meanwhile is a low-tech hacking simulation game set in a seedy underworld of industrial espionage and which combines puzzle, simulation and role playing elements into a small but involving game that definitely sucked away more than it's fair share of our hours.

It's dubious how well the boxed copy of the game will do, especially considering it was originally released on Steam, which recently rose over 13 million users. Besides, if you can't make enough money selling that way then the chances are you'll always think you've not made enough.

Think you'll pick up the boxed version? Prefer the feel of a physical copy or are you happy with the intangibility of a downloaded copy? Are legal downloaded copies the way forward? All important questions, so give us important answers - head to the forums.


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Krikkit 25th May 2007, 12:04 Quote
Great stuff - Uplink was one of my very favourite games ever made, it was just an awesome blend of puzzle, story and a little bit of sillyness. Phenomenal game, well worth a purchase.
Glider 25th May 2007, 12:10 Quote
/me looks at it's original 5 year old Uplink Developers CD

/me curses like hell

/me goes searching for credit card...
Paradigm Shifter 25th May 2007, 12:47 Quote
Originally Posted by Glider
/me looks at it's original 5 year old Uplink Developers CD

/me curses like hell

/me goes searching for credit card...
And me. Except my copy of Uplink is just the 'normal' one. ;)

Always wanted to play Defcon - never wanted to use my credit card on Steam.
liratheal 25th May 2007, 13:32 Quote
I'll be buying it, despite having bought Defcon already.

Besides which, £20-£30 is nothing when it comes down it it, especially if it's supporting such a small group as Introversion, they deserve the money IMO.
MarkeH 26th May 2007, 01:21 Quote
Great news for those of us that dont have a credit-card. :D
BioSniper 27th May 2007, 20:34 Quote
Steam now supports payments over paypal ya know. Pretty handy if you already have an account :)
On another note, neat, I actually saw a Darwinia box in the shop the other day, almost bought it too.
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