American McGee reveals Grimm

American McGee reveals Grimm

American Mcgee's Alice was an excellent third person adventure with a similar theme to the upcoming Grimm

American Mcgee, who earned acclaim as a level designer for Quake and Doom at id Software, has announced via his blog that he working on a new game to be released through GameTap.

American Mcgee has also become famous for his dark, twisted takes on classical stories and transforming them into computer games such as Alice, a hugely creative re-telling of the Alice in Wonderland stories by Lewis Carroll. The new game, which is to be developed at Spicy Horse Studios (Ed - local delicacy?), will be no different.

Titled Grimm, the game will be a macabre version of the Brothers Grimm fairy stories and will be designed by himself and R.J. Berg, who also worked on Alice.

Grimm won't be seeing a retail release any time soon though and is planned to be a massive 24 episode epic that will be available exclusively via the subscription-based GameTap service where players can download games from.

With 24 episodes in the planning stages, it's easily the most ambitious episodic title we've seen, especially when other episodic games like Half-Life Episode 2 have suffered repeated delays, or been outright cancelled like the short-lived Sin Episodes. The game won't be a complex first person shooter though, but a series of action/adventure games which presumably cover one fairy tale per episode.

Of course, episodic games aren't always doomed to fail and the recent Sam and Max titles which have been produced by Telltale Games have been met with critical acclaim and support in return for keeping to regular release dates. The Sam and Max games have also been released via GameTap, so the licensing of Grimm may mean that GameTap sees a future in the episodic format despite the failures of other companies

So, can episodic gaming work or is it all doomed to suffer delay after delay? Are episodic games any better, or do you prefer a solid, larger game arriving after years of wait? Don't look at us for the answer, (Ed - that'll be arriving as episodic content in a few days? Joke!) so dive into the forums!


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Neogumbercules 17th May 2007, 19:14 Quote
Looks like a good way to get a few laughs.

Sell also: Uncharted
Havok154 18th May 2007, 02:22 Quote
I don't mind episodes as long as they can actually get them all out. No more Sin Episodes BS. This also may make me sign up for gametap, for a short time, to check these out. Along with Sam & Max, of course.
Bauul 18th May 2007, 09:08 Quote
Episodes are a good idea if the regularity of release is ok. The problem is that computer game development is renowned for suffering from delays, it's just part of the process. For none episodic games, it doesn't really matter, as long as the marketing is well timed and the end product basically meets expectations, e.g. Stalker.

With episodic content though, regardless of the qualtity of the produce, delays will unavoiadably damage the popularity of the games, so it's a risk attempting game development in this manner.

For something like Sam n Max, it was probably a good idea, but whoever thought a technology pushing game like Half-Life 2, which already suffered delays before the main game shipped, would be right for episodes is an idiot, they were bound to suffer delays and must have realised they couldn't deliver.

I bet Valve were just terrified of HL2 becoming 'last year's game', they wanted to keep it in the public limelight, regardless of the risks involved. I'd much rather they'd finished where HL2 finished, then released all three episodes as HL3 in a couple of years time, filling the gap in the middle with stuff like Portal and Team Fortress 2.

Re: the news though, excellent stuff, the design in Alice was flawless. True the gameplay was a little run of the mill, but the art and the style more than made up for it. What ever happened to the animated movie of Alice, with Sarah Michelle Gellar as the lead vocal?
CardJoe 18th May 2007, 09:53 Quote
It's in developement (the movie), thought not as an animation apparently, will SMG still attached as the lead role.
Bauul 18th May 2007, 10:26 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
It's in developement (the movie), thought not as an animation apparently, will SMG still attached as the lead role.

You are a fountain of knowledge Mr. Jonsophong.
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