Raven working on Wolfenstein sequel

Raven working on Wolfenstein sequel

With Raven planning to release a new Wolfenstein game in 2008, seven years since the last title in the series.

Raven Software is confirmed as the developer for the new Wolfenstein game, which gamers can expect to hit the shelves in 2008, according to a report on WISC-TV.

The Wolfenstein series is often regarded as the grandfather of modern video games, pre-dating even the mighty Doom and made by the same team at id Software. Contrary to popular belief though, Wolfenstein did not start as a first person shooter but as a 2D adventure game developed by Muse Software for the Atari. id Software drew inspiration from this game and released Wolfenstein 3D, in one move changing the face of computer games forever.

The effects of Wolfenstein on popular culture can still be felt today and fans of the game can enjoy some retro fun here.

Raven, who previously created games like Heretic, Jedi Knight II and Quake 4, are now in charge of the new, un-suffixed Wolfenstein title, which will sequel Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Details have emerged that one of the games main characters will be Carrie Coon, billed as a "Sensual, strong, arrogant woman" who wears stilettos. Stereotypes are cast aside in this game about evil, voodoo using Nazi's then.

The theatre graduate who did the motion capture scenes for Carrie revealed how bizarre it was to work with Raven;

"They had me kind of bust through doors with big guns and pretend I was an assassin being that didn't have a spine and club a body of something on the ground and sniff it. You know, it was one of the most bizarre audition experiences I've ever had in my life."

If the game is half as scary as the developers sound then it'll turn out a treat then.

Want to get all melancholy about the golden age of computer gaming and how it may arise again, or are you the pessimistic type who thinks Raven are bound to ruin an excellent series? Share your thoughts in the forums.


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Mankz 15th May 2007, 12:23 Quote
Yay! I liked the Wolfenstine when it came out back in '01 and hopefully this will be the same thing!
Baz 15th May 2007, 12:40 Quote
Blimey, was Return to Castle Wolfenstein really released 6 years ago?!

i'm sure this'll be decent, quake 4 wasnt too bad :)
Burnout21 15th May 2007, 12:51 Quote
Ah crap, wolfinstein is my addiction, i can already see my money being spent on vista now, :(

on a positive note, YES its back! i remember geforce 4 days, the last one looked great at 1280x1024 with everything turned on, but that did cause an upgrade to my old 6800GT, lol!
CardJoe 15th May 2007, 12:53 Quote
Originally Posted by Baz
Blimey, was Return to Castle Wolfenstein really released 6 years ago?!

i'm sure this'll be decent, quake 4 wasnt too bad :)

Which part of Quake 4 wasn't bad? The failry decent multiplayer, or the ****, bland and paint-by-numbers singleplayer?

Bauul 15th May 2007, 14:06 Quote
Originally Posted by CardJoe
Which part of Quake 4 wasn't bad? The failry decent multiplayer, or the ****, bland and paint-by-numbers singleplayer?


*bitch slaps Joe*

You enjoyed it! Even if it was rather paint by numbers.

RTCW on the other hand was a SWEET game, great graphics, well put together story line, brilliantly moving between real-life war scenes and sci-fi/horror levels without any kinds of seam. Plus, despite it's age, it still has the prettiest flame thrower EVER by a very long mile. Had everything really, tanks, planes, good sniper levels, lots of Nazis with good AI, stealth kills, lyrca clad vixens, zombies, mechanical super soilders and a Tesla coil you could carry around with you, sweet! I remember the map developers being all chuffed with themselves because they made a map that was nearly too big for the Q3 map editor (it was the cable car level if anyone's interested). It even had Rob Zombie as the game boss, could this game do no wrong?

I've faith in Raven as a developer as well, despite Q4's rather none innovative gameplay, JK2 was an excellent game, thorougly enjoyed that one.

Oh and who can forget RTCW's multiplayer! It was AMAZING! Gave birth to Enemey Territory and everything! Plus you could set people on fire and watch them piss themselves! Or was that Postal 2? Either way, all round brilliant game, and one that really stands the test of time as well, I played it again last year and it's still an awful lot of fun, the graphics don't even really look dated, only the lighting is a little static. And the flame thrower is still so, so beautiful.
Hamish 15th May 2007, 15:24 Quote
you could certainly set people on fire in RTCW MP but im fairly sure they didnt piss themselves :p
Major 15th May 2007, 16:08 Quote
Can't beleive people haven't said Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory. Geez.

But this is great news.
capnPedro 15th May 2007, 16:58 Quote
Originally Posted by MajorGN
Can't beleive people haven't said Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory. Geez.

I was just about to say. I play TC:E, a mod for ET pretty much every day. Enemy Territory is 4 years old.
pendragon 15th May 2007, 17:03 Quote
Delphium 15th May 2007, 17:18 Quote
W00000000oooooooooooooTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1 :D:D
Delphium 15th May 2007, 17:25 Quote
Originally Posted by Bauul
Plus you could set people on fire and watch them piss themselves! Or was that Postal 2?

They did indeed do that in postal 2 :D but only they would wet themselfs, if you used the taser/stun gun toomuch ;)
although in postal you could stun gun the person to the ground untill they unconscious then set the person on fire, piss on them to put them out, they would wake and start walking around like a chargrilled zombie :D
Hugo 15th May 2007, 17:32 Quote
Los Los Los!!!

Damn, I don't know which I want more now, this or Alan Wake..
Burnout21 15th May 2007, 17:33 Quote
postal 2, another great game, and the add on of 'share the pain' excellent, deseased cow's head and lots of other great weapons!!!
CardJoe 15th May 2007, 17:46 Quote
Postal 2 isn't by any means a 'good' game. Shock value made it interesting and I like the way it's possible just stalk around with the rifle. I wish the police could catch you and punish you more efficently. Getting out of prison was way too easy.
scq 15th May 2007, 18:38 Quote
Lordy yes!

I've been anticipating this since its announcement back in 2005. More stereotypes, less PCness, more Nazis and more occult zombies!
smoguzbenjamin 15th May 2007, 19:48 Quote
Sorry fellas, but the link to the flash game from will's article is dead :(
Redbeaver 16th May 2007, 03:35 Quote
i like the Wolfenstein series, and i always have good hope for a new game ;) how it turns out, however, is really about luck....

...however, the old post that was link from this post had a short comment at the end that made me think...

how long does it take before theres a movie came out about it too?

personally, i didnt see how Doom can be a full length movie, but had good hopes, coz, albeit the simplicity, there IS a storyline.... then the movie turned out suck.
but with Wolfenstein... hmmm there is definitely a brilliant storyline.... but how Hollywood can squeeze that to a 2hr movie is beyond me, really....
Skill3d 16th May 2007, 21:29 Quote
I luv wolfenstein, played RTCW & ET since they were beta's, too bad my pc is err.... "incomplete" and my laptop can't handle the games :( can't wait for the sequel... damn need to put my pc together :o my addiction to wolf is returning....

The storyline, the multiplayer maps... one of the best
Bbq.of.DooM 17th May 2007, 08:17 Quote
I'd think they should do a re-make of the original wolfenstein. Same characters, same weapons, maybe even a few maps from the original. And definatly keep everything that made it so infamous; Nazis, Hitler, Attack dogs, bloody gory fun. Make a version for Germany, since displaying Swastikas is illegal there.

I still remember the nocturnal missions in the original Wolfenstein.
otispunkmeyer 18th May 2007, 12:46 Quote
oh get in there ya *******!

this is gonna rock.

RTCW has to be the best single player FPS i have ever played. theres just something about going back to WW2 and focusing on all the crazy experimental stuffs the nazi's got up to, its way more interesting to speculate about possibly how technologically advanced they really were.

so much better than the usal normandy landings, or d-day or the bridge.

i think im gonna dig it out and play it again, i think its the only FPS that genuinely had me a bit scared towards the end with those wierd monsters that run around on their hands
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