Gears of War sequel confirmed

Gears of War sequel confirmed

Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski has confirmed that there will be a GoW sequel.

Gears of War lead designer, Cliff Bleszinski, stated that Epic Games does "intend to do a sequel" to the popular third-person shooter at this year's game developer's conference in San Francisco.

While this doesn't come as much of a surprise, given the fact that the game has sold over three million copies worldwide, it will certainly please fans of the game that can't get enough of the action-packed shooter.

After confirming the sequel, Bleszinski went on to talk about the three titles that really inspired Gears. Resident Evil 4, kill.switch and Bionic Commando all had great influences on the way Gears of War's gameplay mechanics were designed.

Interestingly, Bleszinski confessed that Gears of War had originally started out as a first-person shooter. He revealed that it wasn't until after he'd seen the graphics in the Unreal Engine 3 demo that he and his team decided that it would be a crime not to show off the game's lead character, Marcus Fenix. He also felt that players would be able to associate with the character more from a third-person camera angle.

Finally, Bleszinski discussed details of some of the features that didn't make it into Gears. The dropped features included combat cash, a morale meter and a much more complex orders system. All three were dropped because the development team felt that they detracted too far away from the game's action-packed game dynamics. You can read more here.

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orb 11th March 2007, 15:58 Quote
Hardly surprised, the ending of GoW means it would have to have a sequel, or there would be some very unhappy people :(
DougEdey 11th March 2007, 16:02 Quote
CollinstheClown 11th March 2007, 16:58 Quote
Gears is actually going to be a trilogy.
According to Microsoft VP of lots of words Jeff Bell, Gears of War is the first title in a planned Gears trilogy. In a recent interview he accidentally slipped up on his wording and let the trilogy out of the bag.
Gamers today demand an excellent story in their games; they need to know what’s at stake, and why they should care. Excitement tops the list of desired emotions, but they want to be scared, too. They want the rush that comes from being scared by an enemy or trapped in a dark room and escaping with their lives. The goal of this ad is to establish Marcus Fenix as the hero of the Gears of War trilogy. The intention is to create emotional connection with him that is lacking in typical third-person action title marketing, by communicating a sense of desperation, loneliness, overwhelming odds, and the ultimate futility of the situation he faces.”

:) Me very happy.

g3n3tiX 11th March 2007, 19:10 Quote
Gears 2 : Gears of Peace ?
mikeuk2004 12th March 2007, 00:29 Quote
Originally Posted by DougEdey

Somewhere around October if is anything to go by. Maybe it will be a round christmas.

Gears i just cant get enough of. Its the main reason of the purchase of my 360 at christams as I was not going to get one sometime soon. Now I have 10 games and cant stop getting more. Great console and great game.

Love it
R_H 12th March 2007, 03:23 Quote
I just started playing GoW today. Awesome game, even though I'm only nearing the end of Act 2, I can't wait to see what the rest of the trilogy will bring.
west4sider 12th March 2007, 10:03 Quote
I didn't have the chance to play GOW :( cause I don't have 360 but I look forward to a PC version of the game ...
Djpuk 12th March 2007, 12:52 Quote
Originally Posted by west4sider
I didn't have the chance to play GOW :( cause I don't have 360 but I look forward to a PC version of the game ...

You could be waiting some time, there are things done on the 360 version that most PC's could not even get close to doing at the moment!

I think that this is welcome if not unsurprising news, definitely a title that has the ability to become a long standing hit if the original quality is kept to.
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