New GoldenEye Source screens

New GoldenEye Source screens

The new Oddjob model for GoldenEye: Source strangely lacks his trademark bowler hat.

The guys over at have been working incredibly hard to bring about the first release of the shooter for Christmas day.

Assuming all goes to plan, we could all be running around Egyptian, fragging each other like crazy, reliving the N64 nostalgia.

There's just a week to go and to build anticipation, the crew have released a new set of screenshots which show classic Bond villain Oddjob strutting his stuff around some of the newly-modelled maps.

Frankly, he looks awesome, the levels look awesome - the whole thing looks awesome.

We've mirrored the screenshots below, since the guys were complaining that the huge quantity of bit-tech readers interested in the project keeps bringing down their servers!

Enjoy these, and we'll see you online Christmas day! In the meantime, why not drop us your thoughts on this update in the News Forum?