Apple releases second OS X Yosemite beta

Apple releases second OS X Yosemite beta

Apple's OS X 10.10 Yosemite public beta has received a second release, bundling fixes leading up to Developer Preview 5 but not the latest Developer Preview 6 release.

Apple has released a second beta of its upcoming OS X 10.10 Yosemite operating system to the public, matching the changes made leading up the sixth developer preview release.

When Apple is preparing to release a new operating system, it typically makes it available to registered developers only - who pay an annual fee to retain their status. When it unveiled OS X 10.10 Yosemite at the World Wide Developer Conference back in June, it changed its procedures and released a public beta for the first time. While registered developers would receive more regular updates, Yosemite became the first OS X beta release that anyone could install on their Mac free of charge.

Since the public beta was launched, developers have received several updates with the closed beta now on its sixth release. Those signed up for the free Apple Seed programme, however, are only just receiving their second release - but it's one that appears to gather all the major updates included in the developer releases. Sadly, it also brings across some existing issues, including crashes when playing Netflix in Safari, rendering errors in iPhoto and Aperture, and an inability to access the shared purchase history page on Family Sharing App Store accounts.

The update, which is still a few versions behind the latest 14A329f Developer Preview build, is available now to all Apple Seed registered users via Software Update. Apple has also released a matched iTunes 12 update, which should be installed at the same time.

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MrJay 23rd August 2014, 14:19 Quote
And due to the stupidly rapid development cycle their 'Premium' Software partners take 18 months to release a compatible version....Meaning yet again this year we will be rolling out a 10.9.5 image rather than waiting as most of the software we use has only just caught up to 10.9!
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