Google adds Trojan protection to Safe Browsing

Google adds Trojan protection to Safe Browsing

Google is to extend its Safe Browsing system to warn when a potentially unwanted program is detected, starting next week.

Advertising giant Google has announced an expansion to its Safe Browsing technology which will now start scanning for Trojan horse packages as well as outright malware.

Built into both the company's search services and its Chrome browser and Chrome OS operating system, and commonly referenced by third-party software like Firefox, Safe Browsing maintains a list of files, sites and domains that host malware. Should a user click on a link to such a site, their traffic is redirected and a warning displayed that must be explicitly dismissed in order to load any data from the blocked site.

It's a service that sees heavy usage. 'We’re currently showing more than three million download warnings per week,' claimed Google Security engineer Moheeb Abu Rajab in a blog post on the changes, 'and because we make this technology available for other browsers to use, we can help keep 1.1 billion people safe.'

From next Monday, Safe Browsing will expand from warning on actively malicious software to what the malware industry has termed 'potentially unwanted programs.' These Trojan horses are typically advertising-themed, promising anything from a tool to speed downloads and update drivers to an animated cursor but in actuality modifying system settings to redirect traffic through an advertising-funded website. With Google making the overwhelming majority of its income from driving eyeballs to its own advertising services, the move is perhaps unsurprising.

'We’ll show a warning in Chrome whenever an attempt is made to trick you into downloading and installing such software,' explained Rajab. 'If you still wish to proceed despite the warning, you can access it from your Downloads list.'


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leexgx 15th August 2014, 20:59 Quote
about time they started doing this and PUP websites what they need to do is Implement Bad website as Phishtank and other lists ignore scam websites (cold callers who pretend to be from "windows Support" there are still 2-3 websites i have on my list that are Not been blocked by any browser the sites are 5 years old)

they should sort out there advertisers first, put itunes in and you see the PUP links (say installs 3-5 pieces of unwanted software and then installs itunes

antivirus softwares should have been aggressive targeting PUP for long time now, coming to a computers that has 5-20 unwanted softwares installed and the antivirus just ignoring it

only AVG and Avast do it, but ONLY do once you have Enabled it, its Disabled by default

AVG its under the real time scanner bit

avast you need to enabled in under active protection > sensitivity for web, mail and scanner

for normal users PUP should be enabled as most people cant make a informed decision on what is bad or good (for Adv users most prob want it off)
fodder 15th August 2014, 21:22 Quote
and most will just click through to the dodgy site anyway, then call the family tech support as their computer is running poorly. :/
theshadow2001 15th August 2014, 21:48 Quote
You beat me to it Nexxo!
Nexxo 16th August 2014, 08:27 Quote
I couldn't resist such a perfect setup. :p
Jimbob 16th August 2014, 11:31 Quote
Does that mean it will start to block Whenever you install Adobe Reader it tries to also install Google Chrome too unless you specifically un-tick the boxes.
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