Microsoft denies Xbox Music, Video closure plans

Microsoft denies Xbox Music, Video closure plans

Microsoft has denied it has any plans to close its Xbox Music and Video services, despite shutting down its Xbox Entertainment Studio arm.

Microsoft has acted to quell concerns that its Xbox Music and Xbox Video services are for the chop, following the company's announcement of major job losses and the closure of its Xbox Entertainment Studio arm.

As part of new-broom chief executive Saya Nadella's shake-up of the organisation, Microsoft is to close the Xbox Entertainment Studio responsible for creating exclusive video and audio content. The closure coupled with Nadella's comments that he wants to see the Xbox brand return to its core focus of gaming left users concerned that the Xbox Video and Xbox Music services would follow Xbox Entertainment Studio to the scrapheap.

Thankfully for those who use either service, the company has denied that this is the case. 'Don't worry, [there is] no plan to drop Xbox Music/Video,' Microsoft's Joe Belfiore explained via Twitter. 'My team builds these key scenarios for tablets, phones, PCs. And [the] Xbox team does on console. In fact, we have one of our bigger/stronger Xbox Music updates just a couple weeks away. You're gonna like it. Perf. fixes and some features!'

The news will come as small consolation for the company's 18,000 employees due for the chop this year, of course, but suggests that Microsoft isn't planning to completely back away from its desire to sit at the heart of home entertainment despite the closure of its exclusive content arm.


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