Dell starts accepting Bitcoin payments

Dell starts accepting Bitcoin payments

Dell has become the largest ecommerce company in the world to accept Bitcoins through its official checkout process, in partnership with specialist Coinbase.

Dell has announced a partnership with Coinbase to accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency on its US website, taking its place as the largest ecommerce company to do so.

The ephemeral nature of the Bitcoin infrastructure, which is powered by a grid of client computers performing complex calculations as a proof-of-work that sees them rewarded with freshly-minted Bitcoins, has led to some confusion in the financial markets. Some countries have chosen to ban their use outright, while others have announced a free-for-all. Many are investigating licensing, while their explosive popularity has led to numerous companies teaming up with Bitcoin specialists to accept payment in the digital currency. Some companies have even announced Bitcoin-specialised hardware, such as the ASRock H61 and H81 Pro BTC motherboards and the BioStar ASIC-based hashing board.

Now, the currency has received a further shot of legitimacy with the news that Dell's US arm has begun accepting Bitcoin payments in partnership with specialist Coinbase. The result: Dell becomes the largest ecommerce company in the world to directly accept Bitcoin through its official checkout platform.

The deal is currently exclusive to the US, but covers everything available on the company's official website including its gaming-oriented Alienware subsidiary's products. Those buying the latter, Dell has announced, will also be able to save 10 per cent off the cost of their purchase when paying via Bitcoin - although the offer has yet to go live. Thus far, neither Dell nor Coinbase have confirmed whether Bitcoin payments will be accepted on Dell's international sites, including the UK, in the near future.

More details are available on the official Dell website.


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theshadow2001 21st July 2014, 19:30 Quote
I wonder if this has anything to do with the buy back of Dell by its original owner. (Mr. Dell??) An appeal to win back the geeks. On the other hand it might be just calculated free marketing.
mi1ez 22nd July 2014, 04:11 Quote
Dell buyers and bitcoin users seem like 2 mutually exclusive groups to me...
DriftCarl 22nd July 2014, 06:48 Quote
I would never buy anything from Dell anyway but its a good gesture. But have been accepting bitcoin for ages and that is obviously available to UK. I hope more companies start using it.
I have a fair chunk of litecoins stashed away so hopefully all this activity will boost the value of that :)
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