YoYoTech moves to Centerprise HQ in Basingstoke

YoYoTech moves to Centerprise HQ in Basingstoke

YoYoTech is moving from Hemel Hempstead to owner Centerprise International's HQ in Basingstoke, with plans to open a showroom and click-and-collect facility.

Technology retailer YoYoTech, acquired and reopened by Centerprise International following its closure under original management last year, is leaving its home in Hemel Hempstead for a Hampshire retreat - owing, its owners claim, to its continued expansion.

A long-standing London-based retailer, YoYoTech closed down last year under mounting debts. The brand was acquired by Centerprise International and relaunched, complete with a new line in bespoke gaming PCs and a reseller programme that has seen companies like Ebuyer, Laptops Direct and Amazon stock its own-brand products. Now, the company is closing down its Hemel Hempstead facility in favour of a new home in Basingstoke - conveniently sharing the building that currently houses owner Centerprise.

Rather than a cost-saving exercise, the companies have played the move off as a sign of the growing expansion of the YoYoTech brand. 'We were finding that our existing premises were just not meeting our needs any more,' claimed YoYoTech's Ryan Pearton of the move. 'It made perfect sense to move our operation to Basingstoke to a building that can house our manufacturing facility and our online operation and everything else we need, but also gives us the opportunity to serve customers face to face. All our staff are PC gaming enthusiasts and expert advisers and it will be great to give our customers the opportunity to come in and chat to us face to face.'

The new facility will soon open to the public with a showroom that will offer hands-on time with the company's bespoke machines along with a click-and-collect service for customers. The website, meanwhile, will continue to operate as normal, with stock being fulfilled from a warehouse in Basingstoke rather than Hemel Hempstead.

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Kovoet 27th May 2014, 10:40 Quote
Awesome congrats yoyotech about some of these other got serious competition.
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