BBC iPlayer tablet usage overtakes computer for first time

BBC iPlayer tablet usage overtakes computer for first time

BBC iPlayer

The BBC has announced that for the first time BBC iPlayer viewing on tablets has overtaken that of computers.

The shift occurred over the Christmas 2013 period where tablet usage saw a marked increase, with Boxing Day being the key moment when tablets overtook PCs.

The timing will come as little surprise given this holiday season follows the announcement of Apple's latest tablets, which many have argued are its greatest yet. The iPad mini was furnished with a Retina display while the iPad became the iPad Air, becoming thinner, lighter and faster.

Other low cost tablets, such as the latest Google Nexus 7, Tesco Hudl and Aldi Lifetab have also provided even more options for buyers on a budget this Christmas.

“With new gadgets being at the top of many Christmas wish lists, we see a lot of new devices accessing BBC iPlayer over the holiday period,” said Dan Taylor, Head of BBC iPlayer. “2013 truly proved to be the year of the tablet and after they were all unwrapped, Boxing Day saw tablet viewing overtake computer viewing for the first time in iPlayer history.”

Have you succumbed to the tablet revolution yet? If so which model did you choose?


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WarrenJ 7th January 2014, 16:06 Quote
We have a Galaxy Tab 2 which my girlfriend uses to watch soaps on when i hog the telly. I still use a laptop and have no need for a tablet at the moment.

It is interesting to see ( as a developer ) the change in how people use computers/tablets and phones. I guess the "we dont need a tablet friendly website" attitude will soon change.
SchizoFrog 8th January 2014, 18:21 Quote
I am just pissed off that iPlayer crashes out and restarts ALL THE TIME (with FF and Chrome including several updates of Flash). I have to download to the desktop version to watch anything straight through.
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