Happy New Year from Bit-Tech

Happy New Year from Bit-Tech

Fireworks over the London Eye ring in the new year.

Happy New Year!

The Bit-Tech team would just like to take a moment to wish all our readers around the world a really happy new year.

Whether you're in New Zealand and are already seeing the first light of 2 January 2014 or if you're over in Hawaii and just sipping your last cocktail before heading to off bed after the festivities of the 31st, we're grateful to all of you for the support you've given the site over the last 12 months - we couldn't do it without you!

2013 has been a big year for the site with a few familiar faces stepping down and a few new ones joining the fold but throughout it all the forum community that is the heart of the site has soldiered on. We're continually amazed at what brilliance we find therein and can't wait to celebrate the great mods and dodgy memes that will no doubt arrive throughout 2014.

And of course we'll continue to provide you with quality reviews, news and features - we can't wait to get started!

So here's to us all having a great 2014... oh, and a belated merry Christmas too.

Team Bit-Tech

Let us know your New Year resolutions in the comments.


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abezors 1st January 2014, 17:06 Quote
My new years resolution is 2560x1440
enciem 1st January 2014, 17:17 Quote
How about a hippy new year instead. Free love!!! (as opposed to £1.99 for the first issue of love and £9.99 for next 57 months)
YEHBABY 1st January 2014, 17:26 Quote
Originally Posted by abezors
My new years resolution is 2560x1440

Nice resolution ;):D
G0UDG 1st January 2014, 17:32 Quote
To help as many people less fortunate than myself as I can where possible in whatever way I can however small
David 1st January 2014, 18:55 Quote
Originally Posted by abezors
My new years resolution is 2560x1440
Old joke is old.

Happy new year, bit-techers!
iggy 2nd January 2014, 01:34 Quote
Originally Posted by abezors
My new years resolution is 2560x1440

at 120hz
blacko 2nd January 2014, 09:04 Quote
what ever a retina ipad's resoultion is...
PingCrosby 2nd January 2014, 20:38 Quote
to start posting serious I went to the doctors and he said.......dammit, broken already
Unicorn 2nd January 2014, 22:38 Quote
Happy New Year bit-tech!

My NY resolution is soon to be 2560x1440 :D
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