Exclusive Dell monitor deals for Bit-Tech readers

Exclusive Dell monitor deals for Bit-Tech readers

Save £30 on the Dell U2913WM.

Bit-Tech and YoYoTech will be teaming up to provide regular weekly discounts to bit-tech readers throughout 2014, and first in line is a range of offers on a selection of Dell monitors.

Six different models are up for grabs with discounts ranging from £9 all the way up to £42, and all include free delivery too.

Top of the pile is the class-leading Dell U2713H, which offers professional grade image quality thanks to its AH-IPS panel, full height/tilt/etc adjustability and a super-sharp 2,560 x 1,440 resolution all packed into its 27in frame. With a normal retail price of £612.61 YoYoTech is offering the model for just £569.99.

The next step down in the range is the ultra-wide Dell U2913WM, which uses a 21:9 aspect ratio IPS panel for the ultimate in widescreen movie watching. Its 2,560 x 1,080 resolution also offers plenty of screen real estate for working, and the panel is very high quality too. Normally retailing for £399.99, it's available for £369.99.

On the other end of the scale is the Dell U2312HM, a cracking 23in, 1080p, IPS model that is a great entry into the world of high-quality LCD panels. Normally costing £174.99 you can pick it up for £165.99. You'll have to check the discount page out for the rest of the offers.

All you have to do to take advantage of the offers is head to this link to find the discount codes for entering at checkout.

All these offers end on on Thursday 2nd January so you'll have to be quick to grab a bargain. We'll be back soon, though, with more exclusive offers courtesy of YoYoTech.


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edzieba 31st December 2013, 14:56 Quote
A nice gesture, but even the discounted price for (for example) the U2713H is more than £100 more than the non-discounted prices other stores are selling it for. Not really a bargain at all.
maverik-sg1 31st December 2013, 14:56 Quote
It's good to see offers like these, keep them coming :)
The Bear 31st December 2013, 15:26 Quote
Hi edzieba,

There are two models of 27" you may be looking at U2713HM. Anyhow we dropped the price of U2713H down to £585.99 plus FREE delivery.

Happy New Year.
iggy 31st December 2013, 16:17 Quote
lol adverts.
Dave Lister 31st December 2013, 17:04 Quote
My new years resolution must be to get a bit of spare cash and then check the deals !
edzieba 31st December 2013, 19:02 Quote
Originally Posted by The Bear
Hi edzieba,

There are two models of 27" you may be looking at U2713HM.
My apologies, I was indeed looking at the HM.

For comparison: TFTCentral's review of the U2714H and U2714HM.
Kernel 31st December 2013, 19:16 Quote
Offer runs from 26th Dec to 2nd January

Good to keep us updated.
ArthurB 31st December 2013, 23:36 Quote
Good deals, but please use the correct ™ symbol in your YoYoTech ads (i.e. ALT + 0153). DellTM just looks stupid.
mattbailey 1st January 2014, 02:02 Quote
Is there some checking process, as the coupon code is easily accessible so its hardly exclusive.

Another bit-tech 'advert' disguised as anything but that.
phuzz 1st January 2014, 14:24 Quote
You missed an opportunity to make a "My new years resolution is 2,560 x 1,080" joke.
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