Amazon Coins virtual currency comes to UK

Amazon Coins virtual currency comes to UK

Amazon Coins

Amazon has joined the virtual currency trend by launching its own Amazon Coins, which have arrived here in the UK.

The coins can be purchased from the Amazon website then redeemed for apps, games and in-app items on the Appstore and on Kindle Fire. Discounts are also available if bought in bulk, potentially saving users money on valid purchases.

A bundle of 500 will cost £4.80, while 1,000 Coins cost £9.50, 2,500 are £23, 5,000 are £45 and a whopping 10,000 Coins will set you back £90.

Kindle Fire owners will be getting a little bonus in celebration of the launch as Amazon is giving away 400 Coins - worth £4 - to each and every account owner.

Today we are giving Kindle Fire owners £4 worth of Coins to spend on new apps and games, such as Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds Star Wars,”said Mike George, Vice President of Apps and Games at Amazon. “We will continue to add more ways to earn and spend Coins on a wider range of content and activities.”

In a move that will no doubt please many, Amazon hasn't made Coins the only way to purchase this type of content, with all existing payment methods continuing to be supported. App developers will also get the same 70% cut when a user pays with Coins, as they would with any other purchase method.


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demonisch 22nd November 2013, 18:44 Quote
The difference between this and a gift voucher? Ok, the exchange rate is different and you can get a discount by buying larger amounts, but it still doesn't sound like a real currency
Woodspoon 22nd November 2013, 21:42 Quote
Agreed, this just sounds like a gift voucher by another name
hyperion 22nd November 2013, 22:13 Quote
Can you trade/sell these coins to other people?
rainbowbridge 22nd November 2013, 23:23 Quote
this is what happens when you hire a department of marketing people and pay them 35 to 70k each and they roll into the office day after day with no actual propose to humanity and they actually realise they need to produce some thing...

What a waste of time... honestly are serious...

r3loaded 23rd November 2013, 08:13 Quote
Ugh, we've been over this with Microsoft points and the general consensus was that it was universally hated. People don't want to deal with a separate currency and do the conversion. rainbowbridge is probably correct, it seems like the work of crappy marketing people (so crappy they don't understand the term 'market research') and no one else in the company stood up and said "this is a bad idea". I can guarantee you that this came up in a brainstorming session.
AiA 23rd November 2013, 13:45 Quote
so these are basically points but are just calling them coins to make them sound more legitimate (like bitcoin?)

I think people are slowly waking up to the fact that most point systems is just marketing
Stanley Tweedle 23rd November 2013, 18:23 Quote
Today I made my own currency in Javascript. It's currently worthless but within 3 years it will be worth more than amazon currency.
Farting Bob 23rd November 2013, 19:52 Quote
Originally Posted by AiA
just calling them coins to make them sound more legitimate (like bitcoin?)

Or like actual coins maybe?
thom804 24th November 2013, 22:33 Quote
Just looks like a hunger games tie-in to me.
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