Gmail flags Adobe password reset email as spam

Gmail flags Adobe password reset email as spam

The email as it appears in Gmail.

Gmail has wrongly identified as spam the legitimate password-reset email being sent to all Adobe customers following a recent security breach at the firm.

The mix-up could well lead customers into ignoring or deleting the email rather than paying attention to its important warning.

The mass email was sent on Saturday 5th October following Thursday's announcement that Adobe had been hacked, with source code for many Adobe programs and the account information of up to 3 million customers having been compromised.

It is not clear why the email has been wrongly flagged by Gmail but it's possible that the use of identical text for all the emails didn't help Adobe's cause. Embedding some unique customer information into the email may have prevented this from happening.

We're also not currently aware of any other email services that have made the same mistake, though Thunderbird does also flag the message, so we would ask that any readers that have also noticed this warning let us know and we'll update this story accordingly.

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ChaosDefinesOrder 7th October 2013, 10:54 Quote
It's also a fairly common format for Phishing schemes where they claim to be a bank or PayPal or Facebook requiring a password reset and then link to etc to steal the "confirm current username and password" bit...
scuppy 7th October 2013, 18:10 Quote
Unless it is addressed to me personally I take no notice of these as they would have my name.
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